Where To Hire Luxury Wedding Cars in Sydney

With the Royal Wedding all done and dusted, we won’t blame you for having some withdrawal symptoms from all that glamour and glitz. Even the cars used throughout the day were absolutely perfect, and we know that they’re the missing piece to your wedding.

So fear not, because we’ve got the only list you’ll need to find the best luxury wedding cars in Sydney. Consider your Royal Wedding needs fulfilled!

1. Unique Wedding Cars

Bring a little bit of Royal to your special day with everything Unique Wedding Cars has to offer. Is it weird if we drive these to work?

2. Roll Up In A Rolls

These sweet rides are a must. Look no further for everything Rolls Royce and Bentley.

3. Broadway Limousines

These bad boys are perfect for you, your groom, and the massive family that just won’t leave you alone.

4. Luxury Wedding Cars

These guys offer the latest models in luxury cars, so you’ll know you’re on trend.

5. RH Wedding Cars and Bikes

If you and your man can’t settle on your car, these guys are the way to go. They’ll cater to your vintage taste and his need for speed.

6. Forever Classic Wedding Cars

It’s all in the name, and these cars are every bit classic. You definitely can’t go wrong with these babies.

7. HF Weddings and Hire Cars

Is there anything more picturesque than these gorgeous cars? They’re screaming perfection.

8. Cloud 9 Rolls Royce Wedding Cars

It doesn’t get any more vintage than this. You know you can’t go past these Rolls Royce.


Cloud 9 Rolls Royce Wedding Cars

9. Classic Bridal Cars

The guys over in Kings Park have the silver vintage cars of your dreams. They’re all the classic you’re going to need, and they’ll bring a little bit of Royal to your special day. Check out the Classic Bridal Cars‘ website.


Classic Bridal Cars

Written by Hanan Merheb

Cover image via @broadwaylimousines

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