With so many magazines, online guides and Pinterest boards dedicated to wedding planning, it can be tricky to figure out what’s actually on trend and what’s been done to death. So to give you an up-to-the-minute guide, we spoke with Cem and Ann from Harbourside Decorators about the five hottest styling trends for winter – and the things you need to lose ASAP.

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What’s Hot

Silver Rimmed Glass Charger Plates – These are a simple way of adding a touch of silver frost to your look this winter

Victorian Ghost Chairs –Ghost chairs make instant impact to a room. They’re subtle, yet effective and allow the focus to remain on the décor, while reflecting that winter lighting perfectly. Plus, what could be more perfect than a chair that looks frozen?

Custom-Made Grey Linen – Add a soft and warming touch to a crisp climate with these natural looking textured linens.

Gold-Rimmed Glassware – This elegant and regal glassware is a perfect way to add that individuality that makes an event feel special

Wisteria Trees – A wedding isn’t complete without a touch of Mother Nature and these trees take the wintery feel to the next level, making your wedding feel snowy and mystical.


What’s Not

Chair covers and sashes – A beautiful chair is much more on-trend and if you choose the right chair, you shouldn’t need to hide it with fabric.

Boring Tea Lights – Tea lights have had their day. It’s time to get creative and look for something a little bit different.

Clashing Patterns – When done correctly, pattern clashing can be chic, but there’s a definite art to it. Be careful when mixing different patterns and textures and make sure that they work without looking over the top.

Fairy Lights – There are so many other options for pretty lighting. Try for a more unique way to make your event sparkle by using Feature Lighting or Festoon Lights. Leave the fairy lights for a children’s party!

Trying Too Hard to Be Different – Brides often take the hipster and boho look too far and try to personalise and hand-craft every single part of their wedding. Sometimes elegance and simplicity is far more beautiful than a table full of mason jars and twine.


Harbourside Decorators was founded by Cem and Ann who, after noticing a gap in the market for personalised service in the wedding industry, started Harbourside to provide brides with a range of outside the box luxury decorative items. They now specialise in corporate and large scale wedding styling décor and work closely with Wedding Stylists and Planners such as Nightingales Weddings and Diane Khoury Events to supply high quality event products for their luxury weddings.

Image Credits
The 2nd image on the left of the main collage is courtesy of Weddings by Diane Khoury.
The festoon lighting in the main image is courtesy of Love 2 Love.
The far right image in collage 1 and 2 is courtesy of Noel Nassar Events.


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