What To Do When You Get a Wedding Day Blemish

It’s the day of your wedding and all that you’ve planned and prepared for in the past months are ready in waiting for the big event. However, no matter how well you plan a wedding blemish can cause serious commotion. The stressed induced pimple can ruin your entire look, especially when you’ve kept the strictest facial regime. Don’t panic here’s some tips and tricks to dealing with a wedding day blemish.

First things first don’t squeeze! You may be tempted to squish the pimple to oblivion however; you’ll end up with more redness and possible scarring.

Try putting some ice or a cold press on the spot. The ice will quickly reduce any redness, swelling or inflammation. It also helps tighten the pores, making it easier to apply makeup. Plus if the stress has kept you up all night, placing a cold compress for a short periods on your eyes will reduce any swelling.

If you’ve noticed the spot 24 hours before the event call you dermatologist. You can always arrange an emergency cortisone shot for your blemish. This won’t completely get rid of the pimple but it’ll make sure it doesn’t get any bigger! Plus your dermatologist can clean out the pimple in a way that won’t cause scarring.

You might also want to try some home made masks. One crushed paracetamol tablet combined with one spoon of natural yoghurt can make an extremely effective face mask. The yoghurt contains good bacteria and lactic acid and the paracetemol contains anti-inflammatory ingredients creating the perfect double act to getting rid of your pimple fast.

Your next option is colour correction. Make sure you have a good concealer on hand that matches your skin tone exactly. Then carefully apply a dab on the very peak of the pimple, working your way out. The less product the less cakey it’ll look.



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