What to Do if a Bridesmaid Drops Out Last Minute

Not all weddings go according to plan, regardless of how meticulously you’ve planned. And one of the worst things to happen is a last-minute bridesmaid dropout. Dealing with a bridesmaid resigning her bridal party duties is definitely a balancing act and depends heavily on the circumstances. Here’s what to do if your bridesmaid drops out at the last minute.

Don’t get (too) upset

This will most likely be your first instinct. You’ve put a lot of faith in relying on your bridesmaid to be there on the biggest day of your life, but sometimes getting upset will only make the situation worse. Stay levelheaded and take a deep breath. Ask her why she’s decided to back out and see if you can help. If she’s under financial strain, see if you can offer to pay for her dress or part of her accommodation. If she’s too busy or has a chaotic work life, explain that you’ll only need her on your big day, and will be fine with her missing the pre-wedding festivities.

Resist the urge to find a backup

If your bridesmaid is backing out last minute chances are it’s due to either a family emergency or something similar, and she might get offended if you replace her. There are several other reasons why you should refrain from finding a backup. If you’ve coordinated dresses or having them custom made, it may be extremely difficult to get a new dress that fits the theme and the bridesmaid. Plus, you run the chance of making a friend feel like they’re your plan B if you ask them last minute.

However, if you feel that it’s necessary to find a replacement choose someone who will understand the situation and someone who will not only support you, but is flexible enough to get themselves organised last minute.

Don’t let it ruin your friendship

If your bridesmaid has backed out because of an unforeseeable event, don’t let it ruin your relationship. Even though this is one of the biggest days of your life, it’s good to put things into perspective. If she’s dealing with something big, offer some support. Your friendship is more important than having an even number of bridesmaids to groomsmen.


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