A few months ago Reddit user Bridewithnofriends wrote on the forum asking for advice. His bride-to-be was so excited about their upcoming wedding, but had to choose mum, girlfriends, sisters or cousins to be her bridesmaid.

Bridewithnofriends was seriously concerned after his gushing bride expressed concerns that she wouldn’t have a bachelorette party, kitchen tea and, worst of all, no one to take her dress shopping.

Her groom was telling his best friend and Best Man that he was worried his bride was missing out on some of the most memorable parts of planning her wedding and this is what happened next…

The groom got home to see his Best Man and three Groomsmen waiting for him and his fiance. His Best Man came forward and said that all four Groomsmen were going to take her wedding dress shopping.

After convincing the bride-to-be that all four men had serious style (thanks to wives, girlfriends and sisters), the took her to a small boutique where they’d organised a fitting.

Bridewithnofriends says “They were gone for a while and came back an hour ago. They didn’t find a dress, but they looked around the stores for a while and fiancee found a style she liked (not the puffy ball gown style). They also went out for ice cream and when they walked in the door, she was joking and laughing with them all. I hadn’t seen her so happy in a long time. It was amazing.”

Main image from abcnews.go.com

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