What These 10 Wedding Dress Colours Say About You

You can never go past the classic beauty of a white wedding dress. The traditional gown symbolises innocence and purity and is just the picture of perfection. We’ve been seeing brides walk down the aisle and dance the night away in white for many years now. It’s been the norm since Queen Victoria wore white to marry her Prince, and it doesn’t seem to be disappearing anytime soon.

But what about all of our future brides who just aren’t feeling the white? Perhaps you want to ditch the sexist ideals of women needing to be pure before their wedding. Or maybe you just want your gown to mean a little bit more to you. Either way, we’re calling for the time to spice things up.

For all of our Fairies who want to be bold and brave, here are the different colours you can wear at your wedding and what they say about you.

1. Pink

Pink is a popular colour for many brides these days and for good reason. The softer shades of pink and dusty pink are a nice subtle change from white, which is perfect for a bride who wants to mix things up without going too outside of the box. Or go bold with a hot and bright pink, just like our girl Kaley Cuoco.

But what does pink say about you?

A pink dress symbolises innocence, freshness, love, femininity, acceptance, tenderness, and compassion. For those of you with a flirtatious side, this is the colour for you.

2. Brown And Nudes

Another common colour for brides looking for a subtle difference; you can almost consider brown and nude wedding dresses as the new white. There’s a whole spectrum of shades you can go for here. A really soft nude is gorgeous, but so is a darker brown. You’ll win with any option you choose.

These colours show a connection to the earth and represent a comforting, conservative, patient, reliable, and kind bride. Even what it symbolises is sweet and special!

3. Grey

We love a grey wedding dress. It’s just that little bit edgy while still carrying that ethereal elegance that makes you catch your breath. When mixed with layers of tulle and different shades of grey, we honestly just swoon. Grey also works as a great dress for any winter wedding.

A bride wearing grey represents maturity, peace, security and a willingness to comply. Is this ticking all of your boxes?

4. Yellow

As much as we’d love to see a bride pulling off a bright canary yellow, you don’t really see it that often. Generally, yellow bridal gowns come in lovely mellow shades, and honestly, whichever way you swing, we know it’d look beautiful.

It’s well-known that yellow is a happy colour, but delve a little deeper and you’ll see that it symbolises intelligence, humour, curiosity, and joy.

5. Orange

An even rarer sight to see on a bride; orange is not a common wedding feature. While more common for our South Asian brides, there’s no reason why it can’t be a more accessible colour all around the world!

Orange is all about strength, enthusiasm and optimism. If you’re a bit of a flamboyant bride who loves to have fun and is quite loud, then orange is your colour.

6. Red

Red is a traditional colour worn in a number of different cultures, including South Asian, Taiwanese and Chinese brides. It’s bright and bold and carries a lot of tradition behind it.

Generally, red shows energy, strength, passion, enthusiasm, interest, and determination. It’s also the colour of love, so it seems like such an obvious choice!

7. Green

OK, OK. I know it seems like we’re going pretty out there with the colours, but green wedding dresses could totally be a thing. Traditional Indian brides also tend to wear green and they absolutely rock it.

Green symbolises harmony, balance, peace, loyalty and luxury. A bride in green is usually inventive and unique, with a dash of loyalty and calmness.

8. Purple

Although a common colour for bridesmaid dresses, don’t be afraid to go for a purple wedding dress to really stand out. Do like Dita Von Teese and go bold and dark, or try a lighter shade of purple for a more subtle look.

When you see purple gowns, think royalty. This colour is the symbol of strength, romance, mystery, and creativity. If you’re witty and artistic, choose purple for the colour of your wedding dress.

9. Black

Look, black isn’t just for our goth sisters anymore. Sarah Jessica Parker is our finest example of how a black wedding dress can work for any type of bride. It’s a surprisingly stylish choice and we love the fallen angel vibes that we get from these gowns.

A timeless colour, black is powerful and mysterious and suits all of our strong-willed brides. Step straight out of the box with a colour that screams sophistication and elegance.

10. Blue

So we’ve kind of saved the best to last, and for good reason. If you’re super serious about being different, you need to consider a blue dress for your wedding. Darker blues are super regal and look superb against just about every skin tone, so you literally cannot go wrong here. Plus, it’s perfect for a winter wedding.

If you’d rather a softer option, baby blues give off the perfect Cinderella vibes. If you saw Lily James in her blue number and drooled a bit, why not pull it off yourself? Bonus points if your very own Richard Madden-looking Prince Charming is waiting for you.

Blues represent spirituality, strength, faithfulness and sensitivity. It’s the go-to colour for honour, peace and trust.

Written by Hanan Merheb

Cover photo by @liastubllaofficial

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