What The Year Of The Dog Means For Your Love Life

Friday February 16th marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year and the start of the Year of the Dog, the last of which was in 2006.

Just like the western zodiac, the animals on the Chinese astrological calendar can tell you much about your personality. These traits are then broken down further based on the natural elements associated with each year – earth, wind, fire, water, metal, and wood.

Overall, Dogs are known to be loyal, responsible, patient, and reliable – which make for the perfect friend.

But of course, we want to know what this year has in store for our love lives. Shall we call it Puppy Love?

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The Future Is Looking…

Pretty average, if we’re being honest. Basically, if we were rating your love life for this year based on a 5-star system, you’d be sitting on three.

For Dogs seeking out romance, you might find yourself disappointed with what you find. 2018s Year of the Dog will be less about finding that all-consuming love and more about reconciling things from the past – forgiving an ex, possibly?

According to Oriental zodiac analyst George Tangsingle pups should get out of their comfort zone and look to join new social groups to combat the loneliness. An important thing to remember when trying to improve the outlook for this year’s love life forecast is to remain optimistic – a positive outlook can only work in your favour.

And of course, self-love above all.

As life coach Sarah Furuya explained to The Japan Times, “Love yourself first and be willing to let your life be really good. Whatever you are willing to give someone, give also to yourself plus alpha. Expect it, ask for it and give it to the people you are devoted to.”

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