As far as tradition goes, the amount of Bridesmaids you have at your Wedding could vary depending on a multitude of reasons. Some cultures only allow odd numbers of Bridesmaids and the Bride must choose only single ladies!

However traditions aside, the number of girls you choose to include in your Bridal Party can reveal a lot about you as a person. Whether you’re going big or keeping it small, check-out what your bridesmaid count says about you!

No Bridesmaids

Most importantly, it doesn’t mean you have no close friends and family to choose from; oftentimes it’s a personal decision to keep your Wedding intimate. You are most likely a mediator and are seen as a very caring person (always trying to keep everyone happy). You are independent, but put others first.

04Image from Daniel and Natasha’s Wedding. Photography by D’amico Photography.

1 Bridesmaid

You have a soul sister. Your Bridesmaid is the one gal pal who has been with you through thick and thin. She has seen you at your best and at your absolute worst and vice versa. This shows you are an extremely loyal person and appreciate honesty. You would do absolutely anything for the people you love.

1Image from Mira and Wissam’s Wedding. Photography by  Reymond Yazbeck.

2 Bridesmaids

Whether it is your sisters or best friends, these are two girlfriends that you cannot say I Do without. They know all of your secrets and you know theirs. You want to keep your Bridal Party small and opt for quality over quantity. You are a very strong person with a big heart. You don’t take crap from people. You are very reliable and you’re always there when people need you most.

2Image from Danielle and Andrew’s Wedding. Photography by Image Frenzy.

3 Bridesmaids

You are a very catering person. You like to make sure everyone around you is happy and you don’t like confrontation or arguments. You will most likely have at least one in-law as a member of the Bridal Party, so you can share the love with your hubby’s family. You are calm and enjoy making people smile.

3Image from Dannie and Andrew’s Wedding. Photography by We Are Origami Photography.

4-6 Bridesmaids

You love socialising with friends and are great at stimulating conversation at parties. While you can be a social butterfly you also love your alone time. You are a generous person and always happy to help.

4Image from James and Chanelle’s Wedding. Photography by Inlighten Photography.

7-10 Bridesmaids

You are the life of the party and have friends all over the world. You love meeting new people and have a positive, outgoing personality. You are quite organised and good with time management. You are proactive and a go-getter. Your friends love your presence and you lift everyone’s spirits.

7Image from Tess and Michael’s Wedding. Photography by Grante Merson.

More than 10 Bridesmaids

You are a free spirit. You are the life of every party and happily go up to strangers for conversation. You like to make sure everyone feels included and you are not judgmental at all. Your bridesmaids each reflect a little bit of your huge personality and little bit of your very colourful life.

10Image from Jess and Dean’s Wedding. Photography by MaxPinitpong Photography.

Main image from Francesca and Joe’s Wedding. Photography by Gm Photographics 

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