Ask most couples and you’ll find that not many proposals go ‘perfectly’; there’s always an element of the day that can’t be controlled – whether it’s stormy weather, bad traffic, a lost dinner reservation or a stomach bug.

However, it’s those ‘real life’ things that make the totally imperfect proposal perfect.

My own personal proposal story was very much the same.

Let me start out by spilling the details of our love story. Mitch and I met in 2009. It was ANZAC Day and I was having a sleepover at my best friend, Alissa’s house in Sydney’s West. She was only new to the area, so we decided to head out to the closest bar for a sneaky champagne.

Alissa loves to remind me that as we were fighting over mirror space in the bathroom, I told her that ‘I’m going to meet the man I’ll marry tonight’.

Strangely enough, as soon as we walked into the bar, I picked Mitch from across the room and proceeded to spend the next few hours fluttering my eyelashes and cracking as many one-liners as possible in front of him.

We’ve been together ever since.

1PS – my gorgeous rock is from Matthew Ely

So, when Mitch popped the question while we were walking along one of our favourite beaches, I can’t say I was completely and utterly surprised (it’s been, ahem, seven years). Like most girls, I’ve dropped subtle hints along the way (including writing an article about my dream ring, thanks Wedded!), but leading up to the other Big Day (the engagement day), there were some serious signs that it was about to go down.

Fairies, read and learn straight from the mouth of a recently engagement Bridey.

1. Something’s Off

In the month leading up to the proposal, his personality changed. I got more cuddles, more texts and more kind words than normal. If your boyfie starts showering you with affection out of the blue, it’s a sign.

2. He Looks at Your Nails

Yep; this actually happened (who ever said that guys were subtle?!). During the month before the engagement, I started growing my nails a little bit longer and paying closer attention to keeping them in tip top shape (I think I tried every shade of pink, nude and beige). One evening, Mitch was holding my hand and checked out my nails, saying, “wow, you’ve started growing your nails!”

3. He Says the ‘R’ Word

Mitch isn’t the most romantic man in the world, but that’s one of the things I love about him; so when he said to me one evening that he wanted to take me for ROMANTIC walk, I knew I’d better get my nails done.

Looking back on the actual morning of the proposal, there were no signs of nervousness. We walked around the coastline for a few hours, stopping every now and then to have a swim in the ocean. After about three hours in the sun, I was starting to get burnt and hangry (hungry/angry), so suggested we start walking back. Mitch was adamant that we keep on trekking on.

Just as I lost all hope of making it through the day without getting burnt to a crisp, he grabbed my hand, got down on one knee and made me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world (despite the fact I probably looking like a salty, red bikini-wearing zombie).

And that’s it – my own perfectly imperfect engagement story. What’s yours?

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