What Are The Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Each Year?​

Did you know that traditionally, there are specific types of gifts that a couple presents to each other every anniversary? We’ve compiled a list of all of them, from the 1st to the 60th anniversary, as well some gift inspiration for you!

Gift for 1st Wedding Anniversary | Paper

A gorgeous illustration for loved one from Aaron Favaloro is a chic and timeless way to say I love you! For a personalised touch, contact the artist and place a request for a sketch of your loved one.

Gift for 2nd Wedding Anniversary | Cotton

There’s nothing more luxurious than the feeling of pure Egyptian Cotton. Purchase a new set of bath towels for your partner (and maybe yourself!), run them a bath, and then watch them immerse in the softness.

Gift for 3rd Wedding Anniversary | Leather

Spoil your loved one with a few The Daily Edited personalised items! Whether it’s a purse or a wallet, your partner is sure to appreciate the style, as well as the sentiment!

Gift for 4th Wedding Anniversary | Fruit & Flowers

Who said chivalry was dead? Surprise your loved one with a beautiful flower arrangement from Tranquil Blooms Florist, and a gorgeous porcelain fruit bowl filled with her favourite seasonal fruits!

Gift for 5th Wedding Anniversary | Wood

Help your loved one unwind by gifting them a wooden case of their favourite wine or champagne, and enjoy a glass with them as you reminisce on the past 5 years of your marriage.

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Gift for 6th Wedding Anniversary | Candy

Who doesn’t love candy? Treat your partner to a delicious treat by The Candy Buffet Company and indulge in tasty donuts and rocky-road together!

Gift for 7th Wedding Anniversary | Wool

Practical and stylish, a pair of genuine wool slippers for your partner will be the ideal way to show them you care about their comfort. Buy matching ones for a cute couple moment!

Gift for 8th Wedding Anniversary | Salt

Add some flavour in your partner’s life with a brand new cooking book! Spend the evening together, cooking one of the recipes, and enjoy your meal in each other’s company.

Gift for 9th Wedding Anniversary | Pottery

This one is for the environmentalist. Purchase your loved one a gorgeous hand-made ceramic keep cup that they can use on a daily basis whilst supporting saving the planet!

Gift for 10th Wedding Anniversary | Tin

What better than a box of chocolates? Every girl is sure to swoon over this one! Pair it with a bottle of champagne and some flowers for the ultimate classic gift ensemble.


Gift for 11th Wedding Anniversary | Steel

For the lover of cooking, this is an all time favourite gift idea! Surprise your loved one with a new set of cookware or an appliance that will make their everyday routine easier.

Gift for 12th Wedding Anniversary | Silk

A gorgeous silky set of pyjamas from Jasmine And Will is an ideal way to show your loved one that you care about their comfort (and style!). Have the set monogrammed for a more personalised feel.

Gift for 13th Wedding Anniversary | Lace

Take a more daring approach on this anniversary by surprising your loved one with a set of stunning lace lingerie from Bras N Things. The Wisteria style is both classic and stylish, and can be worn every day!

Gift for 14th Wedding Anniversary | Ivory

If your partner loves sentiment, this is the gift for them. Surprise them with a handmade, ivory photo album and showcase all of your pictures from the past year, or your favourite moments together. It won’t disappoint!

Gift for 15th Wedding Anniversary | Crystal

Gift your partner a gorgeous crystal figurine, that perhaps has some meaning behind it. They will forever look at it and remember the wonderful years you’ve spent together, while it can also make for an excellent ornament.


Gift for 20th Wedding Anniversary | China

A stunning high tea china set for the partner that loves hosting classy events is the way to go! Use your partner’s favourite colour to navigate through the endless selections, and pick a floral pattern to add character!

Gift for 25th Wedding Anniversary | Silver

Who said men don’t love jewellery? Surprise your husband with a statement silver ring from Tok Jewellers and add sophistication to his everyday attire. You can also individualise it with an engraving of your choice!

Gift for 30th Wedding Anniversary | Pearl

A gorgeous pair of statement John Khoury earrings featuring freshwater pearls will make your partner swoon. Classic and show-stopping, they’re sure to impress!

Gift for 35th Wedding Anniversary | Coral

A daring yet sweet gift, a fish bowl or fish tank can make for a gorgeous decorative piece in your home, while at the same time can pave the way for a new hobby! Decorate it with gorgeous coral and purchase a vibrant selection of sea-life for something your partner will never forget!

Gift for 40th Wedding Anniversary | Ruby

Rubies are known for being the gemstone of love, passion and zest for life. What better for your 40th wedding anniversary, than a piece of jewellery from Michael Hill that encompasses just that?


Gift for 45th Wedding Anniversary | Sapphire

The sapphire symbolises strength, protection and good fortune. After 45 years together, what more could you need? Surprise your partner with a stunning Cerrone Jewellers piece that features sapphire detail.

Gift for 50th Wedding Anniversary | Gold

Nothing beats gold! Gift your golden girl a Michael Hill piece of golden jewellery, such as love-heart locket necklace, or a classic gold chain to celebrate the past 50 years together.


Gift for 55th Wedding Anniversary | Emerald

At 55 years in, you and your partner may have reached that stage in your life where reflection, peace and balance is all you need. What better than a piece of jewellery from Tok Jewellers that symbolises just that?

Gift for 60th Wedding Anniversary | Diamond

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend (boys’ too!). On this incredible milestone, gift your loved one a gorgeous piece of Jacque Fine Jewellery that they’ll cherish forever.

Written by: Zoe Kanlis

Featured Image: Banarsi Designs

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