What Are Lash Lifts And Why You Need Them

If you’re anything like me, you may suffer from Snuffleupagus Eyelashes.

Don’t know what that is? If you’re at all familiar with Sesame Street, you’ll know Snuffleupagus as Big Bird’s Mammoth best friend with super long lashes that fell in front of his eyes.

Thus, Snuffleupagus lashes are the kind of lashes that are extremely long but very averse to curling.

As someone who spends about 10 minutes every morning with an eyelash curler, desperately hoping for some sort of curl, the idea of a lash lift seemed like heaven – so, of course I had to try it myself.

I visited Vivian at Cosmetic Ink Sydney in Winston Hills for the long-needed treatment. Vivian has been running Cosmetic Ink for two-and-a-half years and has over ten years of experience, so I knew my stubborn lashes were in good hands.

Joining me was Tamara, who was also getting a lash lift. In comparison, Tamara’s lashes were lighter than mine and so would take to the treatment a little easier than mine. As Vivian explained, eyelash density plays a part in the outcome.

The Basics

Depending on where your lash cycle is currently at, a lash lift can last anywhere between 8 to 12 weeks, though 8 weeks is most common. The procedure takes around 40 minutes and is completely non-invasive, so all you have to do is lay down, relax, and listen to some soothing music while your lashes get a well-deserved perm.

What To Do Before And After A Lash Lift

One of the best parts about getting a lash lift is that there is no pre-treatment preparation required, other than not wearing mascara to your session.

Once the lift is complete, you’ll need to make sure you don’t wear mascara or fully drench your lashes in water for 24 hours. After that, you’re good to get your makeup on. In the weeks following, no maintenance is required, though having a soft spooly on hand to brush your lashes through in the morning doesn’t hurt.

How It Works

There a few steps, though you’ll be comfortable and have your eyes closed, so you won’t really know what’s going on. After a silicon rod size is chosen depending on the length of your lashes and how dramatic a curl you’re after, your lashes will be glued to the rod as they are fanned out and separated to perfection (this is how they’ll stay for the 8 weeks).

The lashes are separated in small sections at a time and an activation solution is applied to help the lashes set in the right position. After two solutions are applied and then washed off, moisturiser follows suit before a tint is added.

Vivian combines both black and blue black tint for the darkest possible shade, however she prepares lighter tints for blonde or fair lashes. Once applied and washes off, you’re ready to start fluttering those new lashes.

Lash Lifts vs Lash Extensions

I would personally recommend lash lifts a million times over lash extensions. Whereas extensions can get irritating and stop you from being able to wipe your eyes the way you usually would, lash lifts don’t get in the way of any of your regular routines. They’re perfect for anyone who wants a natural curl to their lashes and are perfect for an added boost of confidence on days where you can’t be bothered applying makeup.

For brides, lash lifts are ideal both for saving time on your wedding day as well as your honeymoon. You can expect to get those Insta-worthy pictures when you climb out of that Singaporean infinity pool without having to worry about clumpy lashes or dripping mascara.

There’s also zero damage to your natural lashes (as long as you wait for your next lash cycle before your next treatment).

Is There Anyone Who Can’t Have A Lash Lift?

The only people who should avoid a lash lift are pregnant women and mothers who are breastfeeding as their hormones can interfere with the lash solution.

For anyone with extremely dense lashes, they make not take to the treatment as well, though this is uncommon.

Can You Still Wear Mascara Afterwards?

Oh, yes. Since the lash lift, I have been applying mascara and achieving a super dramatic look, which I love. Otherwise, I’ve kept them bare and it still looks as though I have minimal amounts of mascara on.

Cosmetic Ink Sydney specialise in eyebrow tattoos, ombre brows, eyelash lifts, and eyeliner tattoos. You can make a booking here and see more of Vivian’s work here.

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