Wendy El-Khoury’s Online Courses Are Finally Here!

“These courses teach the Wedding & Event Industry on how to maximize their online opportunities, accelerate growth, and business.”

Founder of Wedded Wonderland & Wonderland Media, Wendy El Khoury

With a degree in education, Wendy is a natural teacher. This means that she is able to explain and articulate the most complex strategies in simple, effective, and measurable terms. Wendy is a keynote speaker in business, strategy, marketing, sales, innovation, start-up, facing your fears, and challenging your way of doing things. A Regular speaker and business consultant in corporate and creative circles locally and abroad, Wendy drives home having a “Creative Heart and Business Mind”.

Social Media Fundamentals

Learn the fundamental features of Instagram & Facebook, explore Influencer engagement, and which approach would work best for your brand.

1. Setting a strategy 

  1. What is your product 
  2. Social Media for your business 
  3. Omnichannel Marketing 
  4. Consumer Journey 

2. Brand

  1. What your brand offers 
  2. Creating your business avatar 

3. Instagram

  1. Instagram Features 
  2. Consistency is King 
  3. Goal setting 
  4. Numbers game 
  5. Instagram analytics 

4. Facebook

  1. Setting up your Facebook page 
  2. Facebook analytics 
  3. Boosting & advertising 

5. Influencers

  1. Influencer Engagement 

6. Content Creation 

  1. Creating a style guide 
  2. Channel mix 
  3. Tools & apps 
  4. Content creation 
  5. Content calendar 

7. Taking your business to the next level

  1. Brand growth 

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Instagram Refresh

This is for those who have been on Instagram for a while and aren’t seeing a return on the time spent. Learn how to establish your Instagram footprint the right way and increase engagement in your brand. 


  1. Establishing your Instagram footprint the right way
  2. How to create a dynamic content calendar
  3. How to talk about your brand & get the right people talking about you
  4. How to make your content look the part
  5. Ways to increase engagement & interest in your brand
  6. How to boost your organic content
  7. Understanding numbers

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Here’s some feedback from one of our registrants:

“I bought my ‘refresher’ and I have listened to 3 lessons AND I want to rephrase as “I have invested my time to listen to your lessons on how I can impact my business by reconsidering all of the different dependencies around Insta. I have already learned 10 new things that I didn’t know; I have reorganised my thought process because of how you have positioned your perspective”……so, thank you!! I see my expense as an invaluable investment and I haven’t even finished!”

It’s time to start working ON your business instead of IN your business. 

If you have any questions, please email [email protected].

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