Navigating Wedding Etiquette in the Digital Age 

wedding etiquette in the digital age wishing well app

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Wedding traditions hold a special place in our hearts, but the era of calligraphed save-the-dates and carrier pigeon RSVPs has charmingly transitioned to a new chapter (#ByeByeBridgerton, hello 21st century!)


From online RSVPs to the ever-evolving world of social media, navigating the digital landscape of wedding etiquette can be rather challenging. But, fear not lovebirds and guests alike! We’re here to guide you through the exciting, and emoji-filled, world of wedding etiquette in the digital landscape.

1. Save the Dates: Paper vs. Pixels

Imagine the convenience of having your guest RSVPs at your fingertips, instantly accessible on any device… this is where digital RSVPs shine!


Not only are they convenient for both you and your guests, but they also offer several other benefits:



Digital RSVPs eliminate printing and postage costs associated with traditional paper RSVP cards.



They reduce paper waste and align with a more sustainable approach.


Informative Platform:

You can include additional details about your wedding on the RSVP platform, such as venue information, dress code, or accommodation options.


Digital RSVPs offer a modern and efficient solution for managing your guest list, freeing up valuable time and resources during your wedding planning journey.


Hint Hint, keep reading to discover an app that can assist you!

2. Insta-Etiquette: Snaps, Shares, and Social Savvy

Your wedding day is a celebration of love, laughter, and epic dance moves (hopefully). But with everyone armed with mobile phones, the line between capturing memories and becoming a paparazzi swarm can blur. So, setting expectations upfront is key! 


Unplugged Ceremony:

Thinking of keeping things intimate like Queen Bey and Jay-Z? Consider an “unplugged ceremony” where guests can be present in the moment (this way, everyone can focus on the vows and the magic happening in front of them). 


Designated Photo Zones:

Want epic pics without the chaos? Set up some cute photo areas for guests to snap before or after the ceremony and avoid disruptions during those super-important moments.


Respecting Your Besties (and Everyone Else):

We get it, capturing the joy is half the fun, but encourage guests to be mindful. Don’t take photos of guests who might not want to be posted and create a wedding celebration filled with unforgettable moments, both online and off.

3. Gifting: From Registries to Wishing Wells

Gone are the days of toasters and mismatched china, modern couples are often more practical, opting for cash to fund their honeymoons or dream homes.


Resorting to online registries and gifting apps, from a simple download you can create an event, send the link to your guests and receive your gifts instantly (and the best part, it’s FREE)!


Take the Wishing Well App’ for instance, allowing guests to electronically RSVP, and send personalized video messages and their gift to your designated bank account you no longer have to document the names of gift amounts in a journal – #ifyouknowyouknow. 


The digital age has transformed how we celebrate weddings, offering exciting new ways to connect and share the joy. By embracing technology thoughtfully and maintaining a sense of courtesy, your wedding will be a hashtag-worthy celebration that blends tradition with modern flair. 


So go forth, lovebirds, and like, share, and celebrate your happily ever after!


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