There are a lot of Wedding traditions we follow without actually understanding why. When you explore them, many of the traditions have a symbolism that continues to mean something today.

Wedded Wonderland wants to keep these alive! So, each month, we will bring you a tradition that you can incorporate into your ceremony.

Keeping the Top Tier of Your Wedding Cake
Traditionally, couples kept the top tier to celebrate their marriage at their first child’s christening. This, in those days gone by, used to take place almost a year after the wedding!

Of course, things aren’t quite so predictable any more. But with the multi-tiered and layered extravagant cakes still a trend, couples are now keeping the top tier and celebrating the fact they made it through their first year of marriage. Often the hardest year, why not break out some cake and champagne to celebrate your relationship?

If you want to bring this old tradition back to life, we spoke to Carissa Byrnes of All Things Sweet by Carissa to get her top tips.

  1. Some cakes do not freeze well. Traditionally, cakes were made from fruit cake so this wasn’t an issue. Now when you’re choosing your flavours, tell your cake maker you are planning to keep the top tier! Carissa suggests mud cake as a great second option and to also ensure that your cake maker doesn’t freeze your cake first.
  2. Speak to your caterers and ensure they box the top tier for you on the day. Give a special someone the task of making sure the cake makes it home, particularly if you are going straight on your honeymoon. We recommend a reliable friend or your mum (no one get things done like mums!)
  3. Before you freeze the cake, make sure you take off any decorations and wrap it up well. Carissa recommends a layer of cling film, followed by two of foil before you put it in an air tight container.
  4. When you’re ready to eat your cake, “The cake should be defrosted a day before in the fridge and then removed from the fridge and wrappings approximately 2 hours prior to serving,” Carissa says.

Oh and just make sure the top tier is actually cake. Too many times we’ve heard of people pulling out the precious top tier only to discover it was made from foam! Not very romantic. Or edible.


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