Writing the copy for your wedding invitation can be a chance to get creative and show your personality, but the danger is that you get carried away and forget to include some key details.

Don’t leave your guests wondering what the dress code is or what time to arrive, use this basic checklist and your invites will be receiver-ready.

1. The Sender

The first thing to include are the details of the sender. Most of the time, the bride and groom’s parents are listed on the invitation, however some couples prefer to just use their own name. Whatever you choose, don’t just use the first name; surnames add formality and it also ensures the guests won’t be confused about which Nancy and Nathan are getting married.


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2. The Event

If you don’t highlight that the event is a wedding, guests might just think it’s a house-warming, or a birthday party. Use words like ‘wedding’, ‘celebrate their vows’ and ‘marriage’ to make it clear that this invite is more than just a weekend soiree, it’s the event of the year!

3. The Location

This may seem obvious, but guests need to know where to go, as well as how to get there! You don’t necessarily need to include the venue’s full address on the formal invitation, but do include the name and city. As an extra, include a paper insert with the invitation which has the venue’s address, parking options and public transport; your guests will thank you for it.


Nothing is worse for a bride than stressing when it comes close to the RSVP date because there hasn’t been any guests confirm their attendance. Make sure that the RSVP date (month and day) is clear on the invitation copy; for bonus points, include a stamped envelope and an RSVP card, so guests can respond to you without putting any effort in.

5. +1

Unless you want to be warding of dozens of calls from guests asking whether they can bring their new boyfriend, blind date or cousin along with them to the wedding, make sure you make it clear whether or not a +1 is included in the invite.

6. A Phone Number (That’s Not Yours)

Always include a contact number so that guests can call or text with any questions. We recommend asking one of your bridesmaids or a family member to be responsible for answering these questions, so ask for their permission to include their phone number. 2

Images from Personalised Favours’ Instagram

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