The wording of the Wedding invitations is always going to be a struggle and one of the tricky questions that Brides often ask when finalising their invites, is – when should they make the RSVP date?

Most people recommend making your RSVP date two to three weeks before your Big Day, but if you’re dealing with a guest list that has more than a hundred people on it, we recommend making it even sooner. Here are our top tips for dealing with Wedding RSVPs.

1. Send Out Early

Send out your Wedding invitations as early as possible. Aim for at lease four months before your Wedding Day, especially if you’re expecting a huge guest list.

2. One-Month RSVPs

Despite what you’re told about having the RSVP date two or three weeks pre-Wedding, we recommend you aim for even earlier. Having your RSVP date set at one month before the Big Day gives you that little bit extra time to finalise your seating charts, confirm numbers with the venue and follow-up with any forgetful guests who haven’t responded.

3. Delegate

If you’re overwhelmed by the thought of having to call or text dozens of guests, pass the task of following-up to your Maid of Honour or Bridesmaid. That way, you and your Groom can focus on finalising other aspects of the Wedding.

Main image from Melissa and Milan’s Wedding. Photography by L&M images.

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