Wedding Contingency Plan: The Breakdown Being Presented To Parliament

Our Founder, Wendy El Khoury has been working with Suppliers and Couples in preparing a contingency plan for Weddings in 2020.

This will be presented to a series of Parliamentarians including Shadow Minister Chris Bowen. Here’s hoping we receive a much needed clear roadmap to #saveourweddings!

Suggestions included in the contingency plan have come from both the Couples and the Wedding and Events Industry. This illustrates that to make a difference, we need to have a collective voice. Both business owners and couples need to step up and vocalise the financial, emotional and mental impact toll. We need a plan. We need clarity. Just like the beauty and hospitality and industries have received.

Wedded Wonderland’s #SaveOurWeddings initiative has received enormous support and has been re-shared hundreds of times by both Couples and the Industry.

Come on Australia, it’s time to speak up and Save Our Weddings!

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On behalf of all our Couples and Industry Peers who have reached out to us, we are requesting CLARITY on whether Weddings will play out (with over 100 guests in particular) in 2020. Couples are now having to postpone their Weddings FOR THE SECOND TIME. With unclear parameters around the easing of restrictions the following industries are affected in direct relation to Weddings: – Entertainment – Production – Hospitality and Food Services – Retail – Beauty Services And more. We understand the need for restrictions of course, however the implications of uncertainty are driving anxiety in a market that is meant to be about celebrating LOVE and PLANNING. Suppliers are currently unable or unwilling to postpone dates after August 14th without a service fee (considering this is the current legislation), this means a complete exposure to an unknown date, issues with the consumer who has 10-500+ guests they need to consider in the process, plus another 20-30 Service Providers who all need to be AVAILABLE on the next chosen date. This for businesses means a staggering loss of income and potentially losing whatever bookings they currently have. For the Couple- a potential loss of Service Providers (due to availability or otherwise), a potential loss of monies exchanged for a set date, and this again stems across multiple industries and categories that work within the Wedding industry. HOW CAN WE SAVE OUR WEDDINGS? Clear advice on WHAT WILL COME (if the current status of cases continues) to ASSURE our Couples and Service Providers postponed dates will in fact take place. To assure this incredible industry that pumps billions of dollars in the Australian economy their BUSINESSES WILL SURVIVE. Our Couples who have planned their Wedding for up to 18 months, they can actually be Wedded. Future proof our Couples and Suppliers!! TAG YOUR PREMIER, SHARE THIS POST! WE NEED CLARITY! Give us a roadmap #saveourweddings

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The Contingency Plan

On Wednesday night, Wendy went live from our Facebook Group ‘Wedded Wonderland Group’, to reveal what she has been working on, to #SaveOurWeddings.

This is the contingency plan that Wendy will be presenting to the to New South Wales’ Shadow Minister for Health.

Weddings will incorporate:

Regarding the 4 square metre rule…

“We want your weddings to play out, and we need to make it clear that a wedding is a celebration, which includes dancing and family. I don’t think many people are going to agree in proceeding with their wedding, if there are 100 restrictions. People are not likely to want a sit-down, one-hour dinner wedding.”

Wendy El-Khoury, Founder of Wedded Wonderland & Wonderland Media

What We Want

“We are wanting a roadmap to ensure that you can have the wedding that you set-out to have, in a time frame that the Government is allowing. We understand that there need to be health and safety measures that need to be in place.”

“We deserve an easing of restrictions, just like everyone else. But before everything, we need to be aware of the possible ramifications in the event that there is an outbreak at a wedding. What will the impact be on the Wedding and Events Industry?”

“We’re living in a new world and we need to be mindful of what our Parliamentarians and Health Officials are saying. We also need to be mindful of the fact that the Industry is in limbo as well, and so many business owners don’t have the answer. But we deserve an answer. We deserve a roadmap to alleviate the apprehension. I’m not going to stop until this happens.”

Wendy El-Khoury, Founder of Wedded Wonderland & Wonderland Media

Stay tuned for updates…

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