Wedding and Event Submission Guidelines

To submit a wedding or event submission, pleas visit the wedding submission form page here and the event submission form page here.

On these pages, you will need to fill out each section of the form and provide a complete list of supplier details. You will also need to upload 20-60 images of at least 1000px wide in size. We like to see everything from the bridal preparation photos through to the moment you and your Groom hit the dance floor. Don’t be shy, we like to highlight a wide variety of styles, budgets, and cultures in our Real Wedding and Event features!
Please be advised that due to the high number of submissions we receive, it can take up to one month for us to respond. If we need to follow you up for additional information, or you send through the photos with an incomplete submission (i.e. photos or information missing), your submission can be put on the back burner. Please ensure you fill out the form and submit images together for opportunity to be featured on Wedded Wonderland.

If your submission is unsuccessful it is not a reflection of your wedding or your work, it just may mean that we’re looking for something a little different during that particular time-frame.
Below are the image and video guidelines that will improve the chances of your wedding being featured on Wedded Wonderland.

Image guidelines

Your final selection of images sent through should be a good mix of people and detailed photos. The bride, her bridesmaids, the groom and his groomsmen, guests etc. Along with this, we want to see photos of the details – invitations, cake, place cards, rings, and flowers. We also enjoy interactive images of the venue and overall styling of the ceremony, reception and event, including the bride and groom enjoying these surroundings with their family and friends.

  • Images must be supplied at a high-resolution (300dpi) .jpeg, .jpg or .png files
  • Send images via Dropbox or Wetransfer
  • Images must be free of watermarks
  • Images must be clear and in-focus
  • Images must be bright, fresh, and clean with minimal use of filters
  • Images should not be overexposed
  • Images must be inspirational, modern, and natural
  • A combination of landscape and portrait images

Video guidelines

  • Maximum length of 1 minute
  • Videos must be of high quality
  • Videos must be free of watermarks
  • Videos must be clear and in-focus
  • Videos must be well-lit, fresh, and clean
  • Videos must be inspirational, fun, modern, and natural
  • Video sound must be crisp and clear. If this is not the case, the sound should be muted or copyright-free background music added