2016 Brides, look no further. We’ve compiled the definitive list of all the biggest trends for this year.

1. Less is More

Wait… what? It appears that 2016 is the year of chic minimalism, so we’ll be seeing less of the full-sized floral walls and more attention paid to furnishing the wedding with quality, beautiful and textural decor. Less is more, ladies; you heard it here first.

less is moreImage from Ashley and Evan’s wedding. Photography by Lydia Jane.

2. The No Trends Trend

This year, Weddings will be all about the personal touches. Instead of Brides copying the Weddings they see on Pinterest or Wedded Wonderland, we’ll see Brides making their own trends and transforming their wedding into an intimate affair that’s filled to the brim with quirky touches like personalised notes, home-baked dessert tables and memorable guest book ideas.

trendImage from Jessica and Dean’s wedding. Photography by MaxPinitpong Photography

3. The Crop

Start doing those sit-ups, Brides, because the Cropped Wedding Gown will be THE Gown of 2016. The aim is to keep it classy, and show only a wisp of skin with a skirt that sits high on the waist.

cropImage from Julie Vino

4. The Feasting Table

Instead of the traditional three-course sit-down dinner, there’ll be an insurgence of Brides choosing to cater their Big Day with an oversized feasting table piled high with dishes for guests to share. Serving the food this way encourages the guests to mingle with each other and also gives everyone more options!

king's tableImage from Nikolai’s Christening. Photography by Ark Portraits

5. Two Gowns

Why have one when you can have two? 2016 Brides will be opting for a traditional gown for the ceremony and then changing into something they can dance in for the reception. Alternatively, keep your eye out for gowns with removable skirts and trains!

6. The Memorable Moment

Brides are now looking to give their guests a ‘surprise and delight’ moment, something that they’ll remember forever. Instead of spending money on DJs, bands, dining, dessert, entertainment and styling, they’ll choose one key element that they’ll splurge on. For example, blowing guests away with an incredible singer or ballerina, or opting for an unbelievable dessert table.

memorableImage from Christina and Jean. Photography by Bright Light Image.

7. The Year of the Groom

In the past, our Grooms have taken a back-seat in the Wedding preparations, but, this year, they’ll be front and centre. Grooms will be more involved than ever, choosing suppliers, helping with the styling and even purchasing two suits to wear on the day!

groomImage from Rania and John’s wedding. Photography by GM Photographics.

8. Smarter Not Harder

Brides are becoming smarter when it comes to budgeting; they’ll be mixing up their couture gown with chain-store accessories. This means Brides can get the Wedding they dream of without over-spending.

9. Smaller Bridal Parties

Brides will be keeping their Bridal Parties to their nearest and dearest in 2016, instead of succumbing to the pressures of including their cousins, second cousins and long-lost relatives. We’ll be seeing less of Bridal Parties that have more than five Bridesmaids, with Brides opting for two or three best friends to get them through the Big Day.

small bridal partyImage from Mira and Wissam’s wedding. Photography by Reymond Yazbeck.

Main image from Gemma and John’s wedding. Photography by Mel Boulden Photography

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