Victoria Beckham Re-Wears Purple Wedding Outfit For 25th Anniversary

Victoria Beckham Rewears Wedding Outfit
Image via @victoriabeckham

Once again, the iconic couple is making headlines in pop culture news. Celebrating their 25th anniversary, the former “Posh Spice” of the Spice Girls and the soccer legend shared a picture honoring the iconic purple outfits from their wedding ceremony.

Classic British humor at its best: the picture, posted on Instagram on July 3rd, was followed by the caption: “Look what we found… 😅💜” in a setting that alludes to royalty.

The Beckhams loyal community engaged with the same high-spirited energy, commenting “Going to tell my kids these are the Queen and King of England.” and “Good grief David you are like a fine expensive wine that is aging into the best vintage ever known to mankind” – with all due respect, Mrs. Victoria Beckham!

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Image via @victoriabeckham

The viral matching purple reception outfits from 1999 were designed by the British fashion designer Antonio Berardi and, according to Victoria, represented an expression of themselves.

“I’m trying to think back to when I decided to wear a purple suit, and I don’t know when that happened,” David mentions during the Netflix documentary series Beckham in 2023. “I think I just took Victoria’s lead on it, but what were we thinking?”

25 years later, David and Victoria Beckham are parents to four children: Romeo, Cruz, Harper and the first-born son Brooklyn, who has been married to Nicola Peltz since 2020.

How Did Victoria and David Beckham Meet?

Flourishing our beliefs in soulmates, the Beckhams first met in 1997 at a charity football match, within 15 minutes of each other in London. David, already a rising star at Manchester United, caught Victoria Beckham’s attention when she was still part of the Spice Girls, the quintessential 90s girls group. They were introduced to each other in the players’ lounge after the match.


In 2008, during an appearance on Ellen DeGeneres’ show, David Beckham recalled he knew he wanted to marry Victoria after seeing the Spice Girls on TV. In a hotel room with his best friend—who would later be his best man—he turned to him and declared, “I want to marry that one,” before even meeting, at the time, Victoria Adams.

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