20 Creative Valentine’s Day Activities for Total Love Birds

The most romantic day of the year is just around the corner, but coming up with creative Valentine’s Day activities every year can feel a little overwhelming. 

While traditional things like giving chocolates and flowers or going to dinner still hold their ground, it’s a great idea to spice up the relationship with unique activities that you can do together as a couple. Indulging in romantic and exciting activities together doubles up the fun and is a great way to get intimate with your partner. 

We’ve compiled our very own guide to 20 creative things to do on Valentine’s Day with additional planning tips so you can stress less and enjoy more time with your Valentine. 

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1. Baking Sweets 

Chocolates are an iconic must-have on this amorous celebration, and what better way to go the extra mile than to make them together? If fresh handcrafted chocolate feels a bit too advanced, opt in for simpler recipes with store-bought chocolate such as chocolate chip cookies or chocolate mousse. The greatest advantage to this activity is that it can be done from the comfort and intimacy of your own home!

2. Paint and Sip 

An activity that is slowly rising in trend is paint and sip experiences. You can find a local workshop that offers an all-inclusive session with all the tools and the drinks, or organize the activity on your own whenever and wherever you feel like. It’s a relaxing and mindful activity that might open up new thoughts, feelings or talents you didn’t know about each other. 

3. Karaoke Night 

Karaoke night is a perfect minimal-planning and even last minute Valentine’s date idea. Serenade your lover with a romantic classic, or sing your hearts out along a long-time shared favorite. Most of the time it’s easy to just walk into a karaoke bar, however we’d recommend booking ahead of big holidays like Valentine’s as they may be fully booked or have long waiting times. 

4. Watch Movies At An Outdoor Cinema  

Hitting the movies is an obvious no-brainer, but you can make it extra special by visiting an outdoor cinema. Enjoy a breezy night under the stars watching a classic romance or a hit blockbuster that you both love. One big thing to note is that you should check the weather around the time you’re planning to go to avoid extreme heat or rain that may make it uncomfortable to sit outside. 

5. Get A Couple’s Massage

What if you’re a busy couple who’ve been smashing out goals and are too tired to commit to something big? Opt for a relaxing day at the spa and enjoy a couple’s massage to unwind together. It’s not necessary to always do something active when you have free time.

6. Presentation Night 

This is an idea that is becoming quite the trend on TikTok, and it’s perfect for couples who want to show appreciation for each other on this special occasion (and have a bit of a laugh while they’re at it). Simply put together a presentation talking about a topic that interests you two or about something that you share – whether that be trivial things like the things your S/O does that tingles your heart, or a recap of your relationship journey so far with the memorable highlights. 

7. Volunteer Together

This is a meaningful way to spend a special day together and give back to the community. There are different kinds of one-off volunteer opportunities depending on your location, such as rubbish collecting, fundraising for charity, guiding free city tours etc. Longer term activities can include pet fostering, helping out at an aged care facility or even volunteering abroad!

8. Explore The Great Outdoors 

There’s a wide spectrum of activities you can choose from for this category. Regular options like walking and hiking are popular and easy to commit to, but if you’re looking for more novel or adrenaline-pumping action, consider kayaking, paddling, jet skiing and more! 

9. Go On A Glamping Trip 

Glamping, simply put, is a fancier, safer and less risky version of traditional camping. You can choose to prepare and pack your own amenities, or go all out on an all-inclusive package if budget is not a concern. It might take some time to find good accommodation though, depending on the location you intend to visit. For those wanting to experience the outdoors but aren’t quite ready to give up creature comforts, this is the way to go! 

10. Visit The Arcade 

This activity will surely bring many couples down the nostalgia lane of their first date. Traditionally there are video games, crane games, photo booths etc. But larger arcades may also include bowling alleys, laser tag and escape rooms which are excellent options if you want to try out something physically active and competitive. It’s an entertaining option to unleash your inner child. 

11. Take A Dance Lesson 

Couple dances decrease physical proximity which is perfect for an intimate Valentine’s Day. For people with zero dancing backgrounds, we recommend starting out with foundational ballroom dances like Rumba, Swing or Waltz. Who knows, you might even reuse these moves in your future wedding reception! 

12. Attend A Pottery Workshop 

If you’ve seen the sexy pottery scene on Ghost (1990), you know what’s up. Real pottery workshops aren’t usually that steamy, but they can still be a fun and intimate session to do with your S/O. You can sign up to a one-day workshop or a class, or just buy your own clay and DIY at home. Your ceramic creation can also double as a personal gift for your partner.

13. Record Memories Together  

There are multiple routes you can go down for this activity. Film and polaroid photography are making a comeback and are perfect if you’re looking to keep physical photos – you can even go as far as crafting them into a cute and decorated scrapbook. If you’re more of a high-tech and trendy person, why not try making TikTok videos together?  Who knows, you might become the next TikTok-famous power couple!

14. Play A Board Game 

Now this is an option that caters to all kinds of couples, including those with kids. There are fancy board game cafes popping up in cities all over that you can visit, but playing at home is no less fun, and is more budget-friendly overall. Just try to not get too heated about the competition! If you’re planning an adults-only session, try PG-rated (and above) games like Cards Against Humanity or What Do You Meme which are tailored to adult humor.

15. Write Love Poems For Each Other  

Unleash your inner romantic poet with rhymes and verses addressed to your one and only. You can go freestyle or select a traditional format to follow. There are many works you can draw inspiration from, including classic authors you know from high school or contemporary poets. We recommend reading it out loud or writing it down as a neat letter to them to show sincerity, but deliver it however suits your thoughts and feelings the best! 

16. Get A Professional Photoshoot Done

You don’t always have to wait until you get married to get a professional couple’s photoshoot done. Regular portraits or outdoor shots are fine, but if you want to get creative, consider building a refined concept and invest in hiring costumes. Some inspiration to get you started include traditional clothes from your culture, favorite characters from a movie or TV show, or a recreation of a retro/vintage look from your parents or grandparents’ days. 

17. Go On A Double Date

Some of us couldn’t have made it this far into our current relationship without reliable advice and support from our BFFs. To strengthen the friendship even further, why not invite your bestie and their partner on a double date with you and your S/O? 

18. Go On A Picnic

A classic option that is versatile and effective. There’s literally so many ways you can go about this activity, whether that is organizing it in your home garden or in a park, making your own snacks and treats or buying a full set picnic hamper, going last minute or booking a special decorated space in advance. Picnics can also easily be incorporated with other options on this list to utilize time for extra fun! 

19. Cook A Family Recipe 

If you have a family cookbook or recipe that’s been passed down, this is a great time to pull it off the shelf and get to it. Not only is cooking an intimate activity that shows you care, your S/O will also greatly appreciate you sharing such a sentimental piece of family history with them, and feel more welcomed as a new member of your family. If you’re comfortable enough with your cooking skills, consider inviting family and friends over to taste out the recreated version! 

20. Gardening 

Our last activity on this list takes some hard labor to complete, but the results may well be worth it in the end. You can choose to plant colorful and beautiful flowers, or useful and tasty vegetables for future family meals. Gardening takes a lot of planning and consideration, and isn’t always doable all year round depending on your location; but with time and appropriate care, your blossoms will last for a long time and stand as proof for your shared love and efforts. 

Those were our top 20 recommendations for creative things to do on Valentine’s Day – how many do you think you’ll check off the list for this year? Don’t forget, this is only a starting point and there are plenty of other Valentine’s Day activities you can do with your partner – what matters the most is that the experience focuses on what both of you can enjoy together, as it takes two to tango! 

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