More and more brides are opting for two wedding dresses to celebrate in, so the question of the decade is – is double the dress, double the fun?

We’ve weighed up the pros and cons, so you can make an informed decision for yourself!

PRO: Practicality

There’s nothing like a dramatic long train to make a show-stopping entrance, but trying to navigate a dance-floor with a train is a serious hindrance on booty-shaking. It’s a practical option to have a shorter dress for the reception, allowing you to move more freely and comfortably.

CON: Double Drama

If you’ve ever been wedding gown shopping, you’ll know that it’s not all fun and games. Finding one perfect dress is tough, but trying to find two perfect dresses can be tricky.

PRO: Show Off Your Pre-Wedding Workout

For your big day, you’ve probably trained and dieted so that your body is in the best shape of your life. Ceremony gowns don’t always give you the opportunity to show-off the booty, calves, arms or back that you’ve worked so hard for. A reception dress is your chance to be a little more daring and opt for a slinky number that hugs all the right places. You squat…right?

CON: Time Flies

You’ve spent years dreaming of your wedding dress, but you only wear it for a few hours! What’s the point in getting two dresses and giving them only half the wedding to shine?


Image from Stacey and Bruce’s wedding. Photography by MM Photos

PRO: Double The Photos

Two dresses = double the amount of photos you can take! With your more traditional ceremony dress, you can focus on snapping the formal shots and with the slightly sexier reception gown, you can go for candid, relaxed shots.

CON: Double the Dollars

You know that budget you had for your dream gown? Well, double the dress means double the cash. Sorry, ladies!


Image from Yasmina and Amer’s wedding. Photography by Brightlight Image

Main image from Alexandra and David’s wedding. Photography by Henryk from Image Haus Weddings.

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