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Hosting a gender reveal is a thrilling milestone for many expectant parents. Celebrating with family and friends can be a lot of fun, and it’s a terrific way to bring people together to eat cake and have a good time!
You’d be excused if you’ve never heard of a gender reveal party ten years ago, but they’re now nearly a prenatal rite of passage, and they’re becoming as common as baby showers for greeting new arrivals.

Gender reveal parties have a straightforward idea. Rather than just learning if their new baby is a boy or a girl during their ultrasound, prospective parents ask the doctor to scribble the gender of the baby on a sheet of paper and then use it to create a surprise while surrounded by friends and relatives.

Since they’ve been around for a while, we’ve seen so many types of gender reveals, from coloured cake filling to the classic balloon pop. Here are some unique and trending gender reveal ideas that will kick up the excitement a few more notches.

Oh Baby!

The Ball kick

If you or your husband are sports lovers, this one’s for you! The idea of this one is that you order a custom sports ball filled with coloured dust (pink or blue). When it’s time, your husband kicks the ball or throws it through the hoop, triggering the ball to explode and the colour the burst.

Source: Gender Reveal Miami

Wrestling relatives in baby suits

Baby gender reveals have taken a comedic turn in recent years with more relatives getting involved. This comical idea is great fun and entertainment. Two family members dress up in inflatable baby suits (one blue and one pink of course) and fight it out. Yes, you heard right! Essentially they get into a wrestling match and the winner determines the gender.

Source: Gender Reveal Miami

Smoke rockets

This one has been around for a while but it only keeps getting better. Powdered smoke rockets are set off creating perfect photo opportunities to capture the surprise, joy and happiness of parents-to-be. Smoke rockets paired with lighting and a beautiful sett-up is a trend we are loving. These gender reveals just look so crisp and picturesque.

Source: Gender Reveal Miami

Helicopter drop

A helicopter gender drop is for those EXTRA prospective parents. This involves a helicopter hired to fly past the celebration and shower the parents and guests with the colour of the gender. It’s extra, and we love it!

Source: Gender Reveal Miami

Confetti umbrella

This one is for a simpler couple who chose to revel in their surprise in a more intimate gesture. An umbrella is closed off with coloured confetti that reveals the gender. The parents open the umbrella together and discover the gender under a rain of confetti. There’s just something extremely heartwarming about this one. It’s just so cute!


Again, this one is quite the extravaganza for the couple that wants a gender reveal to go off with a bang. It’s a pretty simple concept with such rewarding results. Fireworks go off after the countdown in the colour of the gender. It’s such a good way to spare excitement not only for the parents but the guests too. A really surreal feeling…

Source: Gender Reveal Miami

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