Trend Spotlight: Outdoor Marquee Events

Marquees, or a variation of, have been used in centuries and cultures across the globe. The notion of pitching fabric to provide shelter or create a private space can be seen in history books and heard in ancient tales. The word ‘marquee’ derives from the French word ‘marquise’, which translates to a large linen tent with a canopy.

The Perks Of Marquees

1. Reimagine Your Space

The beautiful thing about having a marquee at your event, is that it doesn’t really matter what sort of environment you put it in. You will be able to create an entirely new atmosphere within the marquee! Depending on your marquee choice, there’s enough room to incorporate anything you’d imagine –  a backdrop, a cake stand, tables and décor aplenty! 

2. Affordability Factor

Not only are marquees the perfect blank canvas, but they are also cost-savvy! Whatever your event, a marquee means that you have the choice of setting it up wherever you like! 

3.   Outdoor Views

When it comes to considering a location for your event, marquees enable you to appreciate an outdoor view of your choice. Set up a marquee and enjoy the amazing hillside, or breathtaking beach views! 

5. Weather Protection

Whether your event is set to take place in summer or winter, marquees are a perfect solution for weather protection. This is especially true in Australia, where we sometimes have 4 seasons in a single day! The multitude of different marquees allows you to choose from many different set-ups and weather conditions. 

Types Of Marquees

1.    Trapeze Marquees

Trapeze marquees are one of the most presentable of all the marquee types. If you really want to have your guests impressed, then this is the type that you need to go for. They offer a sight to behold for all events! 


2.    Framed Marquees

In the structure of this marquee type, a framed marquee is supported by an external frame eliminating the need for internal structures for support. As a result, you end up with a clear view that’s unobstructed along the length of the marquee in entirety plus a space that’s open for your guests. Since there aren’t any supporting poles to watch out for, you’re free to make choice the space layout, and they are suitable for installation on any surface type (gravel, concrete, grass, etc.)


3.    Traditional Marquees

Using their construction from pole and rope, the traditional marquees are set apart from the other marquee types. They have a vintage style, making them a great choice for a country house garden dinner or a garden wedding. They have an elegance which is a vital accompaniment to garden wedding, lunch and dinner.Moreover, their interiors can be styled to have the look that’s very modern and stylish when needed.


4.  Chinese Hat Marquees

Chinese Hat Marquees are so uniquely named because they’ve got a shape that looks like a traditional Chinese hat. They’re unlike the other types of marquees because in general, they lack any sides to them. However, if you prefer to have side panels, they can be added. The main benefit of these types of marquees is that they can be made to fit any kind of gathering perfectly.


5. Stretch Tent Marquees

These are the latest addition to the types of marquees available today. They’re popularly found at festivals and events of similar nature. Their design is eye-catching; making them a perfect alternative for traditional style marquees. Stretch Tent Marquees can be erected in any kind of location, and can be used in any kind of weather; whether stormy or fine.


If you’re looking to add space and style to your celebration or party, a marquee hire is the way to go. You can choose any type of marquee from this list to suit you and your guests for the kind of event you’re to have. After determining the kind of vibe you want to give off, the process of decision for marquee will be much simpler!

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