Okay. Don’t get us wrong. Sometimes, the only option for a Hens night is following tradition. A short sequinned dress, drag queen inspired false eyelashes and phallic shaped accessories. You’ve gotta let down your hair sometimes, but lately we’re finding the smell of stale alcohol is fading away to a new trend.

The Classy Hens Night!

There are a lot of ladies out there who are abandoning the glitter and lashes and celebrating in true style. From the obvious choices of wine tastings and cocktail making, Hens nights have even gone creative. Some brides are experimenting with classes in perfume creation and tea mixing. From nail bars to home spas, these new Hens nights are the perfect girly get together.

The truth is, we love this! It gives every bride the chance to express her personality and is something to remember. It also side steps many of the problems with Hens nights that we hear about all too often. Girls are bored with another bar and stripper, reluctant to pay for a night that will only end up involving cheap wine and no food. But when your whole Hens night is an experience they’ve never had before, you’ll be wishing you had more space available!

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