If you think games are just for children’s parties, try again! No, we’re not talking pass-the-parcel and duck-duck-goose, but let’s face it. With only a band or a DJ, sometimes wedding receptions can be just a little boring. Once you’ve tried the custom cocktail and worn yourself out on the dance floor, what’s left? More seriously, games are the perfect way for your guests to break the ice and make instant friends!

Talk about being a good hostess right? With our help, you can really get this party started!

I Spy
This is a sure fire way to collect photos of all the little moments not everybody sees. Place a card on each table telling your guests what moments at the reception they should keep an eye out for. Add your email address or Instagram wedding hashtag at the end to let your guests to share their images with you.

Stand Up, Sit Down
A great way to have a bit of fun with the guests that aren’t tearing up the dance floor. Get your guests to stand up then eliminate people by having your MC or special guest announce criteria like “If you were born in April, sit down”. Keep going until there is only one person standing. This is funnier when guests are fighting for a prize and super hilarious when the criteria become a little cheeky.

The Shoe Game
Place two chairs on the dance floor back-to-back for the bride and groom. Remove both shoes and swap one with your partner so you are both holding one of each. Have the MC or a special guest ask a series of questions which the bride and groom have to answer by raising the corresponding shoe in the air. These can be questions such as “Who said ‘”I love you” first?” and “Who will do most of the housework?”

The Face Game
This is like the shoe game but allows your guests to express their opinions on your relationship. Have print outs of the bride and groom’s faces for each guest on a wooden stick and allow them to vote instead!

The Kissing Game
There is always that one uncle or long lost cousin that expects the bride and groom to kiss every time they clink a glass. We know the wedding day is a day of love and romance but kissing on command is not something that adds to the lovey dovey feel of the day!

Make the guests work to see the newlyweds lock lips. Place a list or stack of cards on each table outlining tasks guest need to carry out to get you to kiss.

Our suggestions:
Take somebody you don’t know to the dance floor and show us your best moves
Tell us a funny joke
Ask a single bridesmaid for her number

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