Our Top 10 Websites For Choosing The Perfect Wedding Invitations

Selecting the look of your wedding invitations is a deceptively big task. On one hand, selecting aesthetic cardstock and a luxe font sounds (and is) a lot of fun. On the other hand, it’s essentially setting the tone for your entire wedding. They talk about wedding invitations giving your guests a sneak peek of your big day–and it’s true. If you opt for boho wedding invitation and then have a punk rock theme for your wedding? It might confuse your guests, and probably yourself! 

So, this is why it’s so important that you give selecting your wedding invitations the time it deserves, and to help, we’ve found the tools to save you time (planning a wedding is time-consuming!).

Whether you’re planning on going eco-friendly and forgoing paper invitations, or you’re all about the physical keepsake, here are our favorite websites that’ll help you design the wedding invitation of your dreams!

1. Shutterfly

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Image via Shutterfly

What They Provide: Shutterfly is a well-known name in the world of custom photo gifts, and their wedding invites are no exception. With a vast array of templates that cater to every concept – from sophisticated to modern, Shutterfly offers something for every bride. They provide high-standard prints with extensive customization options, allowing you to add personal touches that make your invitation design experience unique and pleasant.

Why Brides Love Shutterfly: If you’re looking for a service that allows you to create highly personalized wedding invitations with ease, this website is perfect for you. The user-friendly design tools make it simple to add your own photos and text, ensuring your wedding card and RSVP tickets reflect your unique love story.

2. Mixbook

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Image via Mixbook

What They Provide: Mixbook offers a wide selection of wedlock announcemnets that span from retro and traditional to modern and rustic. Known for their collaborative custom design process, Mixbook allows you to invite your loved ones to contribute to the design and create a truly unique experience.

Why Brides Love Mixbook: For brides who cherish collaboration and want a personal touch in their matrimony planning, Mixbook is an excellent choice. Imagine designing your cards with your bridesmaids or family and friends, ensuring each detail is perfect. With free samples and global shipping, Mixbook provides a seamless and enjoyable experience for creating announcements that will leave a lasting impression.

3. Wedding Paper Chic

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Image via Wedding Paper Chic

What They Provide: Wedding Paper Chic offers luxurious paper quality and intricate designs, focusing on refined and classic collection. Their products are perfect for brides who want a high-end look and feel for their wedding stationery.

Why Brides Loves Wedding Paper Chic: This website is the perfect choice if you are dreaming of a printed announcement that exudes elegance and class. Their high-durability paper materials and sophisticated designs will impress your attendants from the moment they receive it. With free samples and fast production times, you can confidently select the perfect invitation for your nuptial.

4. Paradise Invitations

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Image via Paradise Invitations

What They Provide: Paradise Invitations focuses on eco-friendly options and sturdy materials. Their designs are dainty and modern, appealing to brides who are environmentally conscious.

Why Brides Love Paradise Invitations: Paradise Invitations is the perfect choice for eco-conscious brides who want handmade paper stationery suite with luxurious yet serene ambiance. Their commitment to sustainability doesn’t compromise on quality, allowing you to create beautiful announcements that also align with your values. With free samples available, you can experience the caliber firsthand before making a decision.

5. Paperlust

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Image via Paperlust

What They Provide: Paperlust offers a unique assortment of destination-themed products, perfect for destination weddings. Their options range from modern and exquisite to whimsical and adventurous.

Why Brides Love Paperlust: If you’re planning a destination wedding, Paperlust has the perfect paper goods to match your fantasies. Their destination-themed designs add a personal touch to your love notes for your celebrants, reflecting the location and spirit of your upcoming nuptial. With international shipping, you can share your excitement with the invitees no matter where you tie the knot.

6. Etsy

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Image via Etsy

What They Provide: Etsy is a global marketplace where independent designers and artists offer a wide selection of event invitations, both physical and digital. With frequent discounts and promotions, you can get beautiful products, at the same time save your bank from breaking. Their aesthetics and products vary widely, from vintage to modern, paper cards to envelopes, and custom handmade bespoke to fixed template designs. It’s also the perfect place to spark your creativity and find inspiration.

Why Brides Love Etsy: For brides seeking unique, personalized stationery, Etsy is a treasure trove. The variety of independent sellers means you can find something truly one-of-a-kind that reflects your personal aesthetics. With global shipping and a reputation for refinement, Etsy takes the stress out of the invitation creating process, leaving you more time to focus on other occasion essentials.

7. Ceci New York

wedding stationery wedding invitations ceci new york

Image via Ceci New York

What They Provide: Ceci New York, led by the talented designer Ceci Johnson, specializes in luxury bespoke invitations and stationery. 

Why Brides Love Ceci New York: Brides adore Ceci for its commitment to luxury and personalization. The brand’s reputation for high-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship ensures that the stationery sets the tone for a beautiful and elegant wedding. With options for customization and the ability to work closely with the design team, brides can bring their dream invitations to life. Additionally, Ceci offers international shipping, making their luxurious designs accessible to brides worldwide.


8. Polina Perri

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Image via Polina Perri

What They Provide: Polina Perri offers luxurious, high-end goods with sophisticated designs. Their themes are classy and extra-ordinary, perfect for a refined celebration.

Why Brides Love Polina Perri: For brides planning a sophisticated and grand nuptial, Polina Perri offers the perfect deliverables. They go beyond classic paper products, offering unique options like acrylic for a touch of modern elegance. Plus, other than standard envelopes, they also provide boxes and hard covers, ensuring your keepsakes last a lifetime.Their high-refinement materials and luxurious designs will set the tone for your special day. With gratis samples and international shipping, you can ensure the perfect choice for your style.

9. Shine Wedding Invitations

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Image via Shine Wedding Invitations

What They Provide: Shine Wedding Invitations is known for their simple yet stylish designs, focusing on high-standard paper and print finishes. Their creations are classic and timeless.

Why Brides Love Shine Wedding Invitations: If you’re a bride who appreciates simplicity and elegance, Shine Wedding Invitations is the ideal choice. Their timeless designs and premium paper materials ensure your invitations will be memorable and cherished. They offer complimentary samples to allow you to confidently select the perfect finishing touch for your special occasion.

10. Minted

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Image via Minted

What They Provide: Minted collaborates with independent artists from around the world to offer unique and exclusive designs. Their choices range from refined and modern to whimsical and artistic.

Why Brides Love Minted: Minted invite brides who want their first glimpse of the celebration to stand out. The collaboration with independent artists means you’ll find unique designs that aren’t available anywhere else. With free samples and global shipping, Minted ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience in creating your personalised invites.

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