Top Tips To Execute The Perfect Surprise Wedding

There’s no better feeling than pulling off a surprise but an even better feeling when the surprise is kept a secret! Surprise weddings and engagements have become a huge hit and not only do these types of events completely bring such joy to everyone, but they are an amazing alternative for couples who don’t want to feel the stress or anxiety leading up to the big day! 

We have put together a few tips and tricks that may spark some inspiration to create a surprise wedding. So, if you know someone who is getting married and want to do something non-traditional and unconventional this one is for you!

Come Up With A Decoy Event

It is imperative that your guests are aware in advance of the event to ensure an amazing turnout because essentially, your guests make the event. Try and time your event with another special occasion that is happening roughly around the same time so you have all your important and special guests together.

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Because owning a Small Family Business brings many blessings including new friends and people who love you and your family. This one is for all of you and our amazing followers and customers!. . So this little thing happened this past Sunday. Our precious little girl married the love of her life 👰🏼🥂🤵🏻. . If you know our daughter, you know she loves anything but “traditional”. She decided 6 months ago their wedding would be a “surprise wedding” and no one (including her dad and brother) would know but instead believe they were attending an engagement party along with another 220 guests. How we pulled this through, I will never understand. This entire day was filled with nothing but joy from beginning to end. God provided for a sunny and gorgeous clear sky day (all praise be to you Lord. I know I was driving you crazy for a long time with my clear sky prayers LOL…. you’re THE REAL MVP). Love and happiness was felt throughout the entire celebration. Not just by the happy couple and their families but all those present. Thank you all who attended and to the many other amazing family and friends we weren’t able to have with us on this day, we felt your love and happiness from afar. To my little girl, my heart is forever engraved with this special day. The happiness, joy and excitement you radiated was contagious. We adore you. To our son Rey, thank you for being our princess’ true love. You swept her off her feet from the first date at Flanigans (Hence the @flanigansfl Food Truck at the wedding). Your unconditional love, respect, and appreciation will forever hold her heart!. Thank you to my BFF/sister @leocabanas61 for marrying these lovebirds. It was only proper that the first person to know I was pregnant after 6 long and hard troubled years of trying to get pregnant, be the same person to marry our “miracle baby girl” and her love. To our sister Susy and brother Virgil (& Popo), thank you for lending your beautiful home as the venue for this blessed event. When Lauren asked to hold the wedding here, there wasn’t even one hesitation. Thank you for allowing their dream wedding to take place at Casa Sanchez. To all the amazing vendors, THANK U!

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Explore All Your Options For The Perfect Location

Wherever you plan to have the surprise wedding, make sure it is the right location for your guests and for the couple. Look at venues that cater to your specific needs and something that doesn’t give the surprise away too much. But whatever you do, don’t hold the surprise wedding at a church, that would totally give away the surprise!

Lock In A Great Cinematographer

The aim of a surprise wedding is to capture that delight and indescribable moment when the surprise is revealed. A cinematographer will be able to capture every moment so you can hit rewind and relive your surprise all over again.

Timing Is Crucial

You know what they say, timing is everything! It is so important to notify your guests to be punctual and ready for the big announcement. So, get your guests excited and let them know how much their presence will mean to be there at the event.

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One year ✔️🥂♥️

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Who To Tell

Last but certainly not least a very important tip, your lips must be sealed. A surprise is so hard to pull of all by yourself, it’s a team effort but a big task to not let any secrets slip out at any stage along the process. Work closely with family, friends and suppliers that will help you pull off the ultimate surprise that will be unforgettable for everyone.

Written By: Alessandra Fasanella

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