Top Tips for Creating The Most Stylish Look For Grooms

Hand-made suits are the ideal go-to if your groom wants to stand out with his very own unique style on the biggest day of his life!

We spoke with Kaan Tavli, Brand Manager & Stylist of URBBANA, Australia’s high-end menswear boutique and shoemakers, who shared the brand’s exclusive tips on the ultimate ways for grooms to include their own unique style and personality into their suit.

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“If there’s a day you don’t compromise on your suit, it’s your wedding day. Don’t shy away from quality and look to invest in a wedding suit you can see yourself wearing later on down the track to other events.

“We’ve got a mantra here at URBBANA: “You dream it, We make it!” We take on very unique and particular requests that seem impossible. We travel across the world to meet with grooms that have no luck in getting their perfect suit – and stress that anything is possible with our talented team of suit and shoemakers. We’re for the groom that wants something different, and likes to put his own twist on things.”

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The best way for a groom to include his unique style is to remember that style is a signature that can’t be forged!

“We encourage the grooms we work with to never shy away from expressing themselves. A groom should have a special feeling when wearing his wedding suit. He should feel like he’s the best version of himself, and as comfortable as being in his own skin.”

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Some ways for a groom to include his own style can be as subtle as incorporating their favourite colour through the stitching on the buttonholes of the suit, or as bold as sewing 600 crystals all over the suit.

And steer clear of trends! “By following trends, you’re adopting the exact same style as everyone around you. Instead, stand out from a sea of ordinary and do things your way. Develop your own style – and make it truly yours.”

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If there’s one thing Groom’s tend to overlook when putting together their look it’s the SHOES! “I believe it’s due to the lack of variety. When I take them through the customization varieties our craftsman in Spain and Turkey are capable of doing, They’re shocked and excited. Your wedding shoes can be just as much personalised as your wedding suit!”

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So, if you’re curious about how long the entire customisation process takes it’s generally suiting takes 6-10 weeks and shoes 8 weeks. It’s always best to get started as early as possible!

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