Top 5 Beauty Tips For Your Wedding Day

As brides-to-be start to prep for their big day, one thing that is high on the priority list is achieving that  bridal glow’. Flawless, even, radiant appearance can make all the difference when it comes to your make-up, photos and how you feel on the day.

We spoke with with beauty specialist Melissa Young from Melissa Young Beauty, a french-inspired beauty salon in Glebe on the common questions she gets asked by brides at her salon. We are so excited to share Melissa’s expert advice with our fairies!

How long in advance should I start getting professional facials?

We advise our brides to start a skin care regime specifically tailored to their skin & their key concerns at least 6-12 months before the big day. This allows us as therapists a realistic time frame to achieve optimum results to have your skin looking amazing for your special day!

How do I know what facial treatments I need or what homecare to use?

With all of our clients, we do a thorough skin consultation prior to commencing any skincare treatments or advising a homecare regime – in this consultation we discuss, your current at home routine, your current professional treatments you have been receiving (if any), assess your skin type, skin concerns and from there, a skin plan is put together for you. This plan will include what facial treatments you will receive each month leading up to the wedding, what skin care to use at home and when – through to what treatment you can have literally a few days prior to the wedding to give your skin that ultimate dewy glow!

If I haven’t been doing skincare treatments leading up to my wedding, can I get a facial right before my big day?

Yes you can, however, we do not recommend doing anything extreme close to your wedding day. You want to make sure the treatment has absolutely no down time, is suitable for all skin types and is gentle on the skin. At Melissa Young Beauty, we have our “bride ready facial” that is suitable for all and can be done literally the day before your wedding – it is very gentle, yet effective and super relaxing, it will give your skin the perfect hydration it needs with the perfect dewy glow!

Do you recommend the groom to get facials as well?

YES! Your soon-to-be hubby needs just as much skincare love as you! Whether it be the bride, groom, mother of the bride or soon to be mother-in-law, every client is assessed and consulted the exact same way to ensure the maximum skin benefit not only for the big day but long term!

I want to get cosmetic injections done leading up to my wedding, can this be done while having facial treatments?

Yes! Depending on which areas you are having Botox and/or Fillers, we would generally advise a 2 week interval between having your facial treatments done, however, we do recommend to discuss this with your Cosmetic Nurse.

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