The bridal veil. They’re itchy, hard to see through and are a tripping hazard, but when worn well, they can be the perfect accessory for your big day. There are countless styles of veils to choose from, so should a bride just give up on the veil altogether, or is it still an important tradition to keep?

We put the question out to fellow fairies and the vast majority agreed – to veil!

Melis Ozinel Veil

Amanda McGregor To veil

Natalie Stoten Veil! It just tops off the whole ‘bride’ look.
It might seem silly to some, but you can wear a white dress any day of your life, it’s the veil that makes it special.

Megan Maxfield Do you like veils? Will it suit your personal style? Is there something else that you might like to adorn your head? It’s completely about personal taste and what you want.

Moneek Gill Not to veil for me when i get married.
Every person is different on what they like.also will it compliment your style and dress.
Completely the brides decision herself

Tammy East We are only ever a bride once

Jennifer Eidintas Veil!

Amanda Pascale Veil

Sarah McHugh Veil! or a nice sparkly headpiece

Sarah Ghebar Veil!

Sharen Braithwaite To veil I think! As already said, it tops the wedding dress off& I like it when they keep it on &not take it off at reception

Kate Saraceno I’m having a veil

Hened Hamze Veil!

Arwyn Hankinson Depends if you are having a traditional wedding or a casual one. It’s your day, so do whatever you like!

The little pack of 5 Do both, its your day!

Robert Cliff Master Jewellers to veil

Olivia Fotheringham You do you

LenaBella Designs To veil x

ZuZa Pracownia Dodatków Ślubnych to veil

Amanda Page To veil

Hanan ALaa EL-Din Veil

Deanna Helen Only for a Church wedding I think

Madie Sharbinie veil

Courtie Bol veil always, it adds the romance into that special kiss

Sylvia Ridgeway Veil all the way!!!!!

Paige Jocelyn Richards Veil!

Meagan Kate Recently got married & I wasn’t going to have a veil because I thought it was old fashioned & my dress didn’t need it because I was full lace.. But I decided to have one cos it made me feel like I was a bride.. I’m so glad I did.. I didn’t have a huge one.. But it looked beautiful!
I say go the veil. I took mine out at the reception & put a flower in my hair!

Dora Venieris Veil… When will you ever veil again!?

Hailley Kent Veil!!!!!

Janell Wilson My veil completes my dress  I vote veil but obviously depends on what look the bride is going for

Bârãä ĤāĴéêŕ veil

Lisa Comito Not to veil

Jeanette Cleary Think of a veil as a prop for a photo. If you want the pic of a veil over your face get a 2 tier veil. If you want a pic of it flowing in the wind, get a long veil. Keep it simple and it removes all the confusion. If in doubt, get a veil, because you can’t recreate it later. xxJ

Arna Christine Only time in life you get the wear a veil go for it

Renata Cekic Depends on the dress

Jessica Patrick Definitely veil! Loved every second of wearing it

Marie Decheeky Veil!!

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