Research isn’t always put to good measure, but psychologist John Gottman has devoted his life to studying the secret to a successful relationship – a huge tick in our books! We’ve picked through the research to reveal what science says you need to do to have a long and satisfying marriage.

1. Make Up

Research has found that if a couple makes up quickly after a fight, they’re more likely to be happier and stay together.

2. The 5:1 Rule

Data suggests that for every negative comment said during an argument, there must be 5 positive comments. Any less and it could mean marriage disaster.

3. Share

If you and your hubby share an activity together, for example sports, cooking, travelling, you’ll be more likely to be satisfied in the relationship

4. Grateful

Being grateful for your partner and communicating this when talking about him/her is a sign you’re going to last the distance.

5. Turning Tables

When talking about their significant other, researchers found that those who flipped their partner’s faults into a positive were more likely in a stable relationship (ie. He’s not unorganised, he’s spontaneous.

Main image from Georgie and Stefan’s wedding. Photography by Alex Marks Photography

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