Eyebrows are one of the most important features on a woman’s face. Not only do they frame your face and enhance the shape of your eyes, but they can add or take off years from your appearance! Of course, the good news is that the perfect brow can make you look fresh, rested, young, healthy and well more attractive.

With celebrities such as Cara Delevingne, Lilly Collins and Jessica Alba rocking thick, beautiful, bold and perfect groomed arches we can now add “Perfect brows” to our wedding day must-have list.

While some of us stick to our brow appointments religiously and have a mental breakdown when our brow girl is on holidays, not all of us are slaves to the perfect arch, with many of us still duck into the beautician up the road, who more times than none have left us with what we like to call “Maccas brows.” You know the kind. Brows tweezed to an inch of their life which leaves us with the expression of an over excited clown. Or even worse, we insist on doing our brows at home.

So the time has come. Take a deep breath. And put down the tweezers. Hide them if you have to because it’s time for brow rehab!

We caught up with Australia’s most sought-after brow expert, Kristin Fisher. She has worked her brow magic on stars including:  Sass & Bide’s Sarah Jane Clarke and Australia’s fashion industry elite. Not only that she has over 10 years’ experience and grooms over 400 brows per month.

We asked Kristin the all-important questions on how to get brow-ready for your big day.

How long before your wedding day should you have your brows groomed/tinted?
Provided you’ve been going to your brow artist for long enough to know that you don’t break out from the wax or the tint, I recommend around four days out from the big day. Definitely inside a week.

How long before your wedding should you start growing your eyebrows out if you want to change the shape?
I definitely recommend having your brows done by a professional as far out from your wedding day as possible. Six months minimum! That way you can go on a ‘brow rehab’ program if need be.

The appointments leading up to the wedding are usually four – six weeks apart, leaving the larger break for your final appointment so we have a fuller brow to work with.

How many shades lighter or darker should your brows be from your hair?
It depends on the person, some girls love dark brows with blonde hair and some dark haired girls want their dark brows lightened! But the majority of women have their brows tinted one shade darker to help frame their face and it makes their eyes pop.

Tinting is also a great way to fill in any gaps or spaces you might have in your brows. It creates a fuller and bolder look which girls are loving.

What is one mistake all brides should avoid making with their eyebrows on their wedding day?
Filling them in terribly. It can make or break your make up! A well trained make-up artist should know how to fill brows in correctly.

If you’ve been having them shaped and tinted by a professional prior to your big day they will be super easy to fill in. Beautiful filled in brows also really make a difference in photos. They make your eyes pop!

Any expert tips you can share with us on getting the perfect brows?
Invest in a great brow powder or pencil and go and have them professionally groomed as regularly as possible. Also remember what your mum told you – ‘don’t touch your eyebrows yourself!’

What is the biggest mistake girls make when it comes to their eyebrows?
Over tweezed / over waxed brows. You should try and keep your shape as close to your natural brow as possible, just a more groomed and more defined version.

Kristin Fisher is located at 30 Alma Street, Paddington NSW 2028
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