This TikTok Users’ Long List Of Wedding Rules Has Gone Viral

Kennedy Marks is a 22-year-old from Devon, UK who, safe to say the least, knows exactly what she wants… And doesn’t want on her wedding day. She isn’t engaged, and doesn’t plan on getting married anytime soon but that hasn’t stopped her from sharing a very absolute list of wedding rules on TikTok, and it undoubtedly has gone viral!

Source: Instagram/kennedy_marks

Her list comprises of precisely 13 rules, some of which are extremely specific.

The complete list is as follows…

1. No-one else wearing white.

She explained., ” I’m paying so much money, I’ve invited you to my day, please have the respect to not wear white… My bridesmaids have very strict instructions that if someone comes in wearing white, they will have a bottle of red wine poured on them.” Yikes!

2. No children (unless approved).

Kennedy justified this one by saying, “I’m not having a distant relative’s children that I’ve not got a connection to, I don’t want screaming in my ceremony, I don’t want your children running into the dance floor whilst I’m trying to do my first dance…”

3. Don’t assume an invitation for a plus one.

“My whole life I’ve always been told ‘unless you’re invited, don’t ask to go’,” explained Kennedy

4. No big announcements.

“Do not make an announcement at my wedding, like a pregnancy, an engagement, anything like that… Please for the love of God, do not take the attention away from me.” Totally understandable.

5. No-one to use the microphone unless approved.

Kennedy wants, ” live musicians, I want all the fun going on, no announcements, it’s not a karaoke, please don’t start singing with the live performers.”

6. Don’t stress me out, ask my mum.

Kennedy claimed, “that woman knows me through and through, knows exactly what I want, knows I’m a perfectionist and would have a whole portfolio of things that she needs to get done and if anything goes wrong there will be back-up plans.”

7. No boring people.

“If you’re not going to get up and dance with me, if you’re not going to make the most of the wedding, sadly I don’t want you there,” Kennedy demands.

8. If me or (boyfriend) Rhys have never met you, you aren’t coming.

She insists, “I don’t want to be introduced to people on my wedding day, or introducing people to Rhys.”

9. No rudeness to staff or you’re out.

Kennedy wants staff, “to be treated like guests, I want them to eat, to dance, to have fun… If you’re rude to them I don’t want to be your friend, get out.”

10. No phones in the ceremony.

“I want to enjoy the moment,” it’s that simple for Kennedy.

11. Anyone on the dancefloor on my first dance will be dragged off.

“My best friends will drag you off… You will never be seen again, you will disappear after that. There’s not a chance I’m having that moment ruined for me.”

12. Guests wear whatever you’re comfortable in.

“As long as you feel comfortable and happy,” Kennedy’s happy.

13. Full use of my photographer after my photos.

Lastly, she, “wants you to have the really cute photos of you and your boyfriend for instagram, BUT after my photos.”

Source: Instagram/kennedy_marks

Well, that’s it… For now.

Click here to watch her TikTok.

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