Having your Wedding featured in the New York Times is only for the country’s most elite. Socialites, old money and pageant queens showcase their nuptials, but over the weekend, there was one Wedding that broke the internet, with many labelling it ‘the worst ever’, ‘painful’ and ‘too bad to be true’.

And this is why.

Nathaniel Peters, who is the great-grandson of the family who inspired the Von Trapps (from the Sound of Music) Married Barbara Jane Sloan in Vermont on June 4.

He wore three piece suits with orange shoelaces while she donned Warby Parker glasses, and the two fell in love over theological discussions, baked goods, and singing together in harmony.

You can read the entire announcement here, but we’ve picked out nine of our favourite quotes:

1. That fall, Ms. Sloan and Mr. Peters got to know each other better. She wore Warby Parker eyeglasses that were almost identical to his. She appreciated both liturgical music and Ella Fitzgerald, as he did.


2. Eventually, Ms. Sloan said, the two were spending so much time together that she asked him: “Is this fair? We are not too close, right?” He said: “No, we are just two pilgrims along the way, traveling together for a while.”

3. When she visited his house, she generally arrived with an armful of baguettes and pastries, leftovers from the bakery where she worked. “I started referring to her as our ‘friend with breadifits,’” he said.

4. He’s the kind of person who wants to wear bright orange shoelaces in his very fancy dress shoes,’ said Clare Rose, a friend. ‘He’s often seen in a bow tie or some kind of hat.’

Ms. Rose added: ‘He knows what he likes, and nothing he likes is run of the mill.

5. When asked for words to describe himself and his friends, he replied: ‘You could try “heady.” 

6. On the one hand, we are people who enjoy lots of books and investigating particular questions having to do with the human existence, or God, or the nature of beauty. But at least three of us are capable of cooking dinner to Taylor Swift and enjoying that, too.’

7. They formed a group that gathered regularly at his kitchen table to sing in harmony, and he taught her how to cross-country ski on the trails outside the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont.


8. The couple created a 16-page illustrated pamphlet to guide the 172 guests through the carefully curated nuptial Mass…Along with many prayers, blessings and readings, there were 15 different pieces of music performed. Mr. Peters described the music as: “Joyful, rich, lush. Lush like a forest, not like an alcoholic.”

9. The couple made a graph of their wedding guests’ professions, for fun and to examine the kind of people with whom they spend time: There were 12 doctors, three astronomers, four computer programmers, 18 Ph.D. students, four Roman Catholic priests, 10 teachers and one private investigator in the crowd.


Images from the New York Times, Twitter and Facebook.

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