It’s one of the worst things a Bride-to-Be can face; she hates her Wedding dress.

However, this is the predicament that Reddit user alorahble faces and she writes on the site asking for advice.

So a bit of back story here, I am getting married this Summer to my fiancé, Spencer. We are already established (own our own home, cars in both our names, do everything equally) and are footing the bill for 80% of the wedding. My parents are supposed to put in the 20%, but honestly, I’m not holding my breath.

My mom has shown little to no interest in my wedding, claiming that she is “too busy” to help out. I am her first born and will be the first child to get married (24f). She rarely picks up my phone calls or responds to my messages. Didn’t tour a single venue with me, so I wasn’t surprised that she couldn’t clear a few hours out of her busy schedule to go dress shopping with me.


My younger sister, (21f), who is my sister on my biological fathers side, was pregnant for 6 months before finding out, and her due date is less than a month away. My sister was a crappy person before, always bailing on me, wanting to use my ID to drink before she was 21, generally just kind of mean. Thought these things would get better after she got pregnant, they just got worse. She bailed on me three times to go wedding dress shopping, so I counted her out.

My best friend, my Maid of Honor, and I got in a pretty heated and terrible argument about her boyfriend a few months ago. Pretty much he was being super rude online (we all play online games together) and once a match ended, I wouldn’t play with him because he was being an asshole. That turned into, “My boyfriend doesn’t like you. We can’t hang out.” So that was a really big bummer as well.

I had to go buy my wedding dress by myself. My fiancé went to the first shop and I found a dress I really liked but I didn’t want to buy it because he had seen it. So I went to a second shop. Alone. I found two dresses I liked, but didn’t feel super confident in either. Eventually the girls at the shop (not in a bad way) convinced me I liked one and I bought it.

Guess what? I don’t like it.

The dress is non refundable, and I’m running out of time. I listed it for 1/2 of what it cost on Craigslist this morning but nobody is biting. I’m heartbroken. I feel like my wedding is ruined. Even if I have the shittiest support system in the galaxy, I would’ve been able to handle it if I at least felt good about myself on my wedding day, but I hate my dress and am so discouraged that I’m not sure I even want a wedding anymore.”

She also shares the link to the dress (image below) and although it’s a perfectly lovely gown, it obviously isn’t for her.


So far, she’s received mixed reactions, with some commenting that she should consider selling online and others suggesting she try alterations to turn it into her dream gown.

One user, belleslettres explained that she found herself in a similar situation when she was getting Married!

“Funny, my mom tried to convince me to buy this same dress! I was almost talked into it, but I also felt like it wasn’t me.

However, it IS a beautiful dress–by far the best one I found. And I see some comments here that have suggested altering particular elements you don’t like. Is there any chance you might like it with some changes?

If the answer is absolutely not, then seriously, list it at all those sites the other wedditors mentioned. I was constantly searching the listings at several of those sites for a specific gown, and actually, I NEVER checked Craigslist. It’ll just be a matter of time before someone snatches it up! Good luck!”

What do you think she should do?

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