This new beauty trend will see you tattooing more than your eyebrows in 2017!

If we had to name the biggest beauty trend of 2016, it was without a doubt eyebrow feathering. Venturing from a technique that only the biggest makeup fanatics knew about, to a treatment that almost every girl has either researched or tried, feathering your brows popularised the facial tattoo again.

However, 2017 is set to take this one step further with the freckle tattoo.

Freckles are one of Hollywood’s secret makeup tricks, says feathering and cosmetic tattoo artist, Gee Margi, “So many senior makeup artists finish their celebrity client’s red carpet look by applying a few freckles on top of their foundation – it gives them a youthful, ‘no-makeup look,” she says.

“It was really only a matter of time before this ‘insider tip’ became common knowledge and now every girl can enhance or create her own beauty spots to achieve the naturally sun-kissed celebrity-look.”

Adding character to the face, freckle tattoos work like any other tattoo, by depositing pigment into the surface of the skin; however, before you book in at your local salon, make sure you do your research!

Gee explains, “Like any tattoo, if the freckles are applied incorrectly, the colours can fade to an orange, red or ash hue, so using an experienced technician it essential.”

The freckles can last anywhere between 12 months to two years and should fade naturally over time.

The final tip? Gee reiterates that ‘less is more’ when it comes to freckle tattooing, “The end goal is to get a natural, subtle look, so start with just a few light beauty spots. You can always add more depth in future consultations by asking your specialist to add darker-toned freckles, however it’s difficult to do the opposite!”

Here are some of our favourite tattooed freckle looks done by expert artists across the globe!

How many naps does a girl need to take to not be tired anymore ?

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“What do your freckles look like when healed?”, take a look at how awesome @micahcatharsis’s turned out. This is two sessions. – #youarebeautiful #cosmetictattoo #tattoo #permanentmakeup #cosmetictattooing #brows #permanenteyebrows #micropigmentation #eyebrows #eyebrowsonfleek #eyebrowfeathering #cosmetic #permanentmakeup #microblading #microbladingeyebrows #featherstrokebrows #archaddicts #freckles #fakefreckles #freckletattoo #freckletattoos

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Finished up with my client early today so I tattooed my face! Gave myself some new freckles and darkened some existing ones. I’ll keep you all posted on how they heal! Done at @thefalltattooing

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#tattooedfreckles is a thing. #beauty #beautiful #beauexchange #eyelashextensions #eyelashesonfleek #makeup #tattoos

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I want to get #freckles #tattooed on my face ? #freckletattoo #tattooedfreckles #mua #makeupfreckles #sonjdradeluxe so #pretty @sonjdradeluxe

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I could do yu proper, like I was docta ?

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