It’s official, Fairies; there’s one type of man-scaping that your Groom should not attempt at home before the Wedding! So, remove the tweezers, hair removal cream and nail scissors from the bathroom cabinet and book him in for a brow appointment asap.

We spoke with celebrity brow artist, Sharon Lee to get her four deadly Grooming sins that, if committed, can leave your hubby-to-be in a hairy situation.

2Image from Marissa and Chris’ Wedding. Photography by MacDougall Photography.

1. Tweezing Below the Brow

This one’s non-negotiable says Sharon Lee, “Whatever you do, Brides, do not let your Groom completely tweeze in between his brows or below the brow line, as this is what makes a brow look feminine.” Sharon Lee explains that the trick is to work within the brow line and from above and take no more than 30% of the hair from around the brows.

2. Using Wax

Waxing the brow strips it of all the hair, even the tiniest baby hairs; so if you let your Groom near the wax, he’ll end up with an obvious line, which is a deadly sin! The aim is to give your guy a subtle shape, without the clean, sharp brow line that girls get when they wax their own brows. Sharon Lee warns that Grooms should “never, ever wax.

1Image from Kelly and David’s Wedding. Photography by Yeesom Lo.

3. Cutting the Curls

So many guys find that they have curly eyebrow hairs and automatically assume that the answer is to trim. This is a huge mistake, Sharon Lee says and instead of using scissors to tame (which can misshape the brow), the trick is to use a tamer, “We use our signature Brow Tame on Grooms with curly hairs. This helps relax the brow hair and allows it to sit flush to the skin.”

4. Not Considering Colour

Adding a touch of colour to the brows and lashes can make a world of difference, even to your Groom-to-Be! Sharon Lee suggests keeping it subtle and adding a hint of darkness to your man’s lashes, because “This will really highlight his eye colour on the Wedding Day.”

3Image from Alicia and David’s Wedding. Photography by Bellé Photo.

Sharon Lee Inc. was founded by Australia’s leading eyebrow artist, Sharon Lee Hamilton-Clark. Based in Sydney, Sharon Lee has a clientele of local and international celebrities, including Princess Mary, Kylie Minogue, Heidi Klum, Rob Lowe, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire and Jesinta Campbell.

Main image from Michelle and Dave’s Wedding. Photography by Love Liz Photography.

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