This Is The One Dessert You Need To Have At Every Party

Fairies, you all know just how much we love our desserts. Whether it’s cake or doughnuts, a macaron tower or delicious knafeh cups, we love them all, and we want them all too. If we could eat these desserts every day of our lives, you can guarantee that we would.

Of course, everything we’ve just mentioned is common at almost every event, because really, a party isn’t complete without them. Everyone loves a good dessert table, and it’s important that yours meets a sweet tooth’s expectations. While there’s plenty you can include to do so, we think there’s one dessert that is an absolute must. Under no circumstance should this dessert be forgotten.

We’re calling it Fairies, chocolate covered strawberries are a necessity for any party. No matter the event, budget, or age group, these strawberries are a must.


Image via: @photographybyzehra

Dom’s Strawberries Delights creates some of our favourite strawberry creations and they’ve pretty much cemented our love for the sweet desserts. While they can make mouth-watering gift boxes, their strawberry towers are truly exceptional.

You’d be forgiven for thinking nothing exciting can come from a strawberry covered in a bit of melted chocolate, but Dom’s creates pure magic. The towers can be customised to suit a specific theme, with a range of bright and fabulous colours available. With a strawberry tower on display, your dessert table will truly impress all of your guests.

Image via: @photographybyzehra

Cover photo by: @doms.strawberries.delights


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