Most Brides assume that the first step in the Wedding planning process is to lock in a venue… right? Wrong! Before you even think about where the Wedding will be, you’ve got to start prepping the skin, especially if you have things like pigmentation, wrinkles and acne that you want to fix in time for the Big Day.

Your skin-care overhaul should start at least a year before the Big Day with a visit to the local specialist for an in-depth discussion on your problem areas and advice on your at-home face washing routine.

Once you’ve got this initial appointment completed, you should start organising the more intense treatments like microdermabrasion, needling and laser. To help put together the ultimate Bridal skin-care calendar, we’ve spoken with Hanni from Results Laser Clinic on what facial treatments to book when.

12 Months Pre-Wedding – Getting ‘Red-Carpet Ready’

Treatment: Microdermabrasion Oxygen Therapy

This treatment is one of the most popular celebrity treatments in the world today. It’s as simple as infusing oxygen combined with a professional strength serum, and using different active ingredients, in order to give you an instant lift and glow.
This treatment can be done as regularly as you like, but if you’re serious, aim for twice a month. I test drove this treatment and the before and afters speak for themselves.

[youtube id=”P3dYIR4N-U8″]

Five to Six-Months Pre-Wedding – Working on the Bigger Picture

Treatment: Clinical Skin Needling
By far the most advanced way to experience an instant makeover – this treatment firms and tightens your skin, reduces pore size, improves texture, reduces depth of acne scars, lightens pigmentation and much more.
For optimal results, this treatment should be completed 1-2 times a month.

Four-Months Pre-Wedding – Getting to the bottom of it…

Treatment: Chemical Skin Peels

It’s now time to start removing any excess dead skin layers that cause you to look dull, tired and lifeless. It’s quick, safe and takes just 15-minutes.
Book in your peels every week for the next month so that the skin regenerates and glows for the Big Day.  

Three-Months Pre-Wedding – Nearly Picture Perfect!

Treatment: Microdermabrasion and LED Light Therapy

These treatments exfoliate skin and promote a brighter, more youthful appearance while smoothing fine lines, scarring and pigmentation. Perfect for a ‘freshen up’!

1Treatment: Dermal Fillers and Anti-Wrinkle Injections

If you’re looking to enhance your lips or cheeks or get anti-wrinkle injections for your Wedding day, now’s the time! This way there is plenty of time for your new look to ‘settle’ and you can still book a top-up (if you need one!).

Two-Months Pre-Wedding – Stressed Much?

Treatment: Non-Surgical Face and Eye Lift
 If you’re not ready for a surgical face lift, but know you could use a bit of a freshen-up, this treatment is perfect. It restores your face by lifting and firming the skin using the famous Pollagen’s Trilipo Radio Frequency Technology.
For best results, book two treatments per month from now until the Wedding day.

One-Month Pre-Wedding  – Relax and Pamper

Treatment: Microdermabrasion Oxygen Therapy

These treatments will leave your skin feeling fresh and smooth straight after your appointment, so there’s no downtime! The Oxygen Therapy will plump up your cheeks, naturally contour your jaw line and leave your skin glowing.
Book in two of these bad boys in the final month. One four weeks from the Wedding and one seven days before.


Results Laser Clinic is more than just one of Australia’s most respected laser clinics, it’s a full-service day spa and cosmetic injectables clinic. With clinics across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, it’s a one-stop salon for all of your skincare needs.

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