This is Key to a Successful Relationship

Communication is key to a good relationship. When the communication breaks down, the relationship almost inevitably goes south. But surprisingly, many people don’t know the fundamentals of good communication skills, and as a result, their relationships pay the price.

“When it comes to relationships, transparency and positive communication that is free from criticism, contempt, defensiveness and stonewalling is underrated. Effective communication is about understanding your partner and the issue and working together as a team”, says relationship expert Katia Loisel.

Communication can be a really tough course to navigate with a partner, especially if it’s with someone you’ve with for a long time. People tend to get comfortable with each other, and when that happens, the levels of communication may start to go down-hill because you know each other so well. If you need a little help, follow these simple tips from dating and relationship expert Katia Loisel to get your communications skills and relationship back on track.

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Of course, nothing shuts down communication faster than a judgemental attitude. If your partner is telling you something that’s important to him or her, do your best to avoid saying something like: ‘No, that’s terrible idea’ or ‘That’s crazy to feel that way’. Instead, try to listen to what’s being said and to do so with an accepting attitude.

A study published in Marriage & Family Review found shared financial goals and values and financial role satisfaction had a significant impact on relationship satisfaction. In fact, the study found that sharing financial goals and values was even more important than the communication strategies couples used during conflict.

“It’s important to be open and honest about your values, beliefs, expectations, spending style and financial roles, which will help you to manage expectations and avoid conflict. Money issues can be a major source of stress for couples — working together as a team to keep admin, finances and life insurance in-check can reduce conflict and stress and significantly improve the health of your relationship”, says Loisel.

Katia Loisel is a relationship expert that worked alongside ANZ on their Love Insurance campaign during the month of April.

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