This is how you can add Pantone’s Colour of the Year to your Wedding theme

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Some brides have known all their lives what they want their wedding to look like, from the dress to the decorations. Others need a little inspiration. Or perhaps the color scheme you chose when you were five needs a little updating to bring it into 2017. If that’s the case, we can help.

Every year since 2000, Pantone reveals their spring color report and Color of the Year during New York Fashion Week. They choose a color that reflects the current cultural climate, and the big reveal is eagerly awaited each year by fashionistas and designers. It has historically shifted all facets of design towards the chosen color of the year, so if you want your wedding to be on trend and on point, there’s no better way than to choose a color scheme based on Pantone’s recent report.

Greenery, the 2017 Pantone Color of the Year, is a lush, refreshing yellow-green hue that reflects new beginnings, making it absolutely perfect for a wedding theme. While you’ll still need to make a decision on the dress, choosing your decor is a breeze with our list of 17 flowers and plants that match our five favorite Pantone colors for 2017. Take a look at these wedding flower ideas below!

“Greenery” Flower Ideas

As the Pantone 2017 color of the year, Greenery signifies the “go-green” movement, growing vegetarian trends, and reconnecting with nature. Its association with unity and community makes it a perfect color to incorporate into your wedding with vibrant flowers and plants such as chrysanthemums, ferns, and amaranthus.

Patnone Wedding Flowers greenery

Top left: Summer Street Photography | Bottom right: Jeff Loves Jessica Photography

Star of Bethlehem – Officially known as Ornithogalum, this perennial plant belongs to the Lily family. It features clusters of white star-shaped flowers, giving the genus its common name. With its arching leaves and uniquely shaped foliage, they are a wonderful choice for adding texture to any arrangement.

Amaranthus – Amaranthus is native to tropical regions of North and South America, and was used by Aztecs in ceremonies and rituals. Exotic and showy, the red color of the Amaranthus is the darkest red found in nature. The cascading seeded pods make this a gorgeous accent plant in any of its color varieties: burgundy, purple, fuchsia, brown and green.

Chrysanthemum – With their large blooms and romantic symbolism (they signify joy and beauty),  chrysanthemums are perfect for weddings as a focal or accent flower. First cultivated in China, they are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. The chrysanthemum shown here is the Spider Mum, which last a long time in arrangements and are known for their distinctive narrow strands.

Fern – Ferns are available year-round, which makes them an easy addition to your bouquet and centerpieces. These leafy beauties are showy and stunning, so they can stand on their own or serve as an accent. Ferns were especially popular in wedding bouquets during the 1930’s, but are recently making a comeback as “the next big thing.”

“Pale Dogwood” Flower Ideas

Described by the color experts at Pantone as conjuring an “aura of innocence and purity”, Pale Dogwood is a pastel pink hue that evokes romance. In fact, suitors in the Victorian era would present a dogwood flower sprig to the woman they were interested in. If she kept the flower, it signified mutual interest. Feminine, sweet, and subtle, this color is amazingly versatile and easy to pair with other colors, making it perfect for inclusion in a wedding color scheme.


wedding flowers ideas Pale Dogwood

Bottom right: All My Love Photography, Floral Design by: Pink Dahlia Vintage

Pink Ice Protea – The unusual and unconventional beauty of the Pink Ice Protea, This tropical flower has a large head surrounded by velvety pink petals and sits atop a tall sturdy stem with long, oval leaves. One of the oldest families of flowers on Earth, proteas date back 300 million years and are named for the Greek god Proteus (the son of Poseidon).

Rose – A classic symbol of romance and beauty, roses will always be in style as a wedding blossom. With three thousand varieties available (many year-round), you can tailor your choice of rose to your wedding. The old-fashioned garden variety, with bushy heads and luxurious scents, look stunning in this soft pink.

Hydrangea – The smooth hydrangea, also known as a wild hydrangea, is native to the United States and can grow up to six feet tall. Smooth hydrangeas are typically white and have smaller blooms than the bigleaf varieties. They are also available in pink, fuchsia, purple, and green.

Peony –  Symbolic of romance and a happy marriage, peonies are a quintessential wedding flower. Their peak season begins in early spring and ends in late June, but brides request these vibrant, textured, and sweetly fragrant blooms all year long. Since they are so voluminous, you can make an impact with fewer flowers, but they typically take center stage in a bouquet or arrangement.

“Hazelnut” Flower Ideas

A neutral and versatile hue, Pantone’s warm and earthy Hazelnut (shades lighter than a true hazelnut color) can be incorporated into any season wedding. This light caramel brown color has a natural feel to it, which you can accentuate by pairing it with creative accents like dried baby’s breath, wheat, and champagne roses.


Wedding flower ideas panton hazelnut

Top right: Jemma Keech Photography | Bottom right: Chudleigh Weddings

Dried baby’s breath – Using baby’s breath in a wedding bouquet or arrangement is a trend that is here to stay. Often used as filler, their tiny white buds turn into a toasty golden brown when dried. They create a rustic, warm look that is both lovely and delicate.

Wheat – It makes sense to pair this foodie color with stalks of dried golden wheat. Giving your arrangements a touch of country texture with their elongated shape and feathery tips, simple yet elegant stalks of wheat add height to your arrangements as well as a rustic flair.

Astilbe – With feathery flowers and glossy fern-like foliage, these perennials attract butterflies in a garden and make excellent cut blooms. Native to the far east, astilbe comes in many shades from cream to deep red.

“Pink Yarrow” Flower Ideas

If you’re ready to make a colorful statement, pink yarrow is the perfect hue to incorporate into your wedding scheme. A vibrant hot pink shade with a tropical feel, pink yarrow is a bold, festive color for a wedding. Pantone’s color experts call it “captivating and stimulating,” making it a wonderful choice for brides who have been swept off their feet.

wedding flower ideas pantone pink yarrowTop left: Love by Serena | Bottom right: Ann & Kam Photography


Verbena – Verbena are long blooming flowers that perform even during the dog days of summer, and hold up to dry conditions. Their remarkable length of bloom lasts from spring until frost, and their color ranges from white through pink, red, lavender, blue and purple.

King Protea – A unique tropical flower, the king protea is the largest in the protea family. Their massive bloom size can span 12 inches wide with an artichoke-like appearance. Spiky pink-tipped petals surround a fuzzy center, resembling a crown. The king protea is the national flower of South Africa, its native country.

“Primrose Yellow” Flower Ideas

Bringing to mind a warm, sunny day, this joyous color shouts spring. A punchy yellow hue, Primrose Yellow brings a cheerful vibe and elements of nature to your happy day. Adding this pop of color to your wedding flowers with with ranunculuses, sunflowers, and adorable billy balls is easily achieved.

wedding flower ideas primrose yellow

Top left: Marta Locklear Photography | Top right: Laura’s Focus Photography | Bottom right: Anna Sawin Photography

Ranunculuses – Referred to as the “rose of the spring,” ranunculus plants produce a lush, textural bloom. Available in a large variety of bright colors, the paper-like petals of the ranunculus give them a delicate look that can be as rustic or elegant as you wish. Ranunculus are in season February-May, so it’s a perfect choice for a spring wedding.

Billy Ball – Set the tone for a bright and cheery wedding day with these whimsical and charming flowers. Belonging to the Asteraceae family, like the daisy, their flowers consist of bright yellow balls that sit atop a long green stem that can reach heights of 12-18 inches. These flowers are both elegant, quirky, and friendly in a wedding arrangement!

Sunflower – Sunflowers are bold and cheerful, and will brighten up any wedding bouquet or arrangement with their large flower heads and summery color. The ancient Greek myth of Clytie and Apollo gives the sunflower an association with adoration and loyalty.

Pincushion Protea –  Fresh and whimsical, the spiky blooms of the pincushion protea add texture and drama to any arrangement. While the bloom appears to be an individual flower, the “pins” are actually pistils of individual flowers that come in yellow, orange, and salmon tones. Creative and unique, a bouquet of pincushion protea in any color will make a bride stand out from the crowd!

We hope these flower arrangement ideas will give you some gorgeous ideas for your wedding, but we feel confident that whichever direction you go in, your wedding flower arrangements will look beautiful and reflect your own unique, personal style!

This article was contributed by Alexandria from FTD FRESH. See more of her work here.

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