This Is How Kanye West Won Over Kim Kardashian After 9 Years

Today marks the four-year wedding anniversary of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. In honour of their love, we are taking a trip down memory lane to uncover how this iconic pairing began.

This is how Kanye West got the girl.

Kim Who?

There are very few people who wouldn’t recognise the name Kim Kardashian, but 15 years ago Kanye was among the select few. The pair met in 2003 while Kim was dating rapper Ray J. Kim revealed on the Keeping Up with The Kardashians ten-year anniversary special that Kanye didn’t even know her name when they first met on the set of a music video.

“He was asking his friends: ‘Who is this Kim Kardajan?’ He didn’t know what my name was,” she told Ryan Seacrest.

Love At First Sight

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Kim Kardashian is the master of the perfect picture, so it’s no surprise it only took one photo of her for Kanye West to know he was in love. The photo was of Kim and her then best friend Paris Hilton and he’s been hooked ever since.

“I just dreamed about being next to her,” he told the Daily Mail.

Friendship First

Any good relationship has the foundation of a strong friendship, and Kimye is no exception. Kanye and Kim were friends long before they began dating. She featured as Princess Leia alongside a Stormtrooper Kanye on the pilot of his hip-hop puppet show called ‘Alligator Boots. The show was a flop, but the chemistry wasn’t. Kanye also made an appearance on Kourtney and Kim Take New York and was clear their blossoming friendship wasn’t stopping anytime soon.

Cryptic Messages

Kanye West took his romantic gestures to the next level by mentioning Kim in his songs. Well, it’s assumed these lyrics are about Kim. In Keri Hilson’s track ‘Knock You Down’, Kanye raps about the ‘cheerleader of his dreams that only seems to date heads of football teams’ and tells the mystery girl (it’s obviously Kim) to ‘leave your boyfriend now’. At the time, Kim was dating football player Reggie Bush. In 2012, Kanye confessed his love for Kim in his track ‘Cold’ by rapping ‘and I’ll admit, I had fell in love with Kim’.

Together At Last

It wasn’t until after her divorce from her second husband, Kris Humphries, that Kim realised what she wanted and that was ultimately Mr. West. Kanye wasn’t a fan of Kris either and even confessed on Khloe’s talk show of trying to persuade Kim not to go through with the wedding. The pair became incredibly close after this.

“I think I had to go through that to figure out what I wanted. After my breakup, I was feeling really low and down and he said, ‘Just come to Paris and see my fashion show.’ He jokes that he put on this whole fashion show just to get a date with me,” Kim told Seacrest.

In April 2012, the pair confirmed dating rumours by stepping out in New York as a couple, after nine years of being ‘just friends’. Now, this is a love story for the modern history books.

Written by Sarah Mourtos

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