This Girl’s 18th Birthday Party Was $40k

Your 18th birthday marks a special stage in a teenager’s life where all exciting things are happening, just finishing school, starting University and you are slowly entering the adult world.

But for this teenager, her dream 18th birthday became a reality and was something truly out of this world but came with a heavy price tag. The Birthday Girl Danica Carmelina, a ballerina and aspiring doctor from the Phillipines had an extravagant Swan Lake themed party with 170 guests.

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The party featured two designer gowns, a five-tiered cake and wedding style decor which came to a total of over $40,000. Danica has always wanted to star in the famous ballet Swan Lake now stars in her own Swan Lake themed birthday party that she reportedly spent months planning her big event based on mood boards with the vision of a “pink, feminine and extravagant” party.

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Danica’s vision was brought to life with a dedicated team of suppliers including stylists, designers, lighting crews including a string orchestra to bring everything together for the night.

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And from the photographs released from the night, her team certainly nailed the brief!

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Danica had not one, but two gowns for her birthday, the first one being a princess ball gown which was for the main event, and the other for the after party.

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Her princess Swan Lake ball gown was created by a bespoke gown designer and Danica worked alongside the designer to create the dress of her dreams. “It cost about $11,200 and it was perfect! I’ll never wear it again, as I want it to be remembered as my birthday dress,” explains Danica.

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Her second gown was a sleek, black gown perfect for dancing the night away with her school friends. Danica’s friends gifted the birthday girl luxury presents including designer handbags. Guests were treated to a decadent buffet dinner and were involved in the many birthday festivities and activities such as Q&A where the winners received gift vouchers to designers stores as their prizes.

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Danica’s parents always promised to throw an extravagant party for her. Her father, a civil engineer with his own business in the Phillipines wanted to make his daughter’s dream come true. Danica explained that “we don’t really do Sweet Sixteenths here in the Phillipines, and an 18th is the most important birthday because it’s when you are of legal age”.

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Fairies, what are your thoughts?

Written By: Alessandra Fasanella

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