This Couple Honoured Their Heritage with a Unique and Vibrant Bengali Wedding

Love knows no boundaries, and when it strikes, it can transcend geographical distances and cultural differences. The enchanting tale of Pranjal and Oshin blossomed in the vibrant city of Sydney, Australia, which led them to a joyous union celebrated in the rich traditions of a Bengali wedding.

All the Details of Pranjal and Oshin’s Vibrant Bengali Wedding

Their story began before they even crossed paths, as both PJ and Oshin hail from Chittagong, Bangladesh, a city that holds their family histories. It was at Macquarie University that their paths finally converged and they met for the first time at a house party in 2013. A serendipitous connection was formed, and they found themselves unable to resist the pull of destiny. Yet, the timing wasn’t quite right, and they let their connection simmer beneath the surface.

Photo by @reminiscence_photography

However, fate had different plans. Their lives continued to intersect, bringing them together time and time again. It was in 2015 when the stars aligned, and they found themselves on a late-night date at The Rocks. Amidst the enchanting ambience, PJ’s playful gesture led to a heartfelt kiss—a moment that sealed their fate and solidified their love.

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The Proposal

Their relationship blossomed, and they took the big step of buying their first home and moving in together before marriage—an arrangement that challenged cultural norms but felt right for them. PJ and Oshin thrived in their ability to communicate openly, and as soon as they knew they were ready, they embarked on the journey of choosing engagement rings.

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The day of the proposal arrived, and little did Oshin know that Pj had been carrying the ring in his pocket for weeks, awaiting the perfect moment. In a romantic picnic at Cremorne Point, with breathtaking views as their witness, PJ dropped to one knee and presented the ring. Overwhelmed with joy, Oshin eagerly grabbed the ring from him, unable to contain her excitement. With a resounding “yes” echoing through the air, their future together was sealed. And though Oshin felt a twinge of regret for not being dressed to perfection, she wasted no time in rectifying it the very next day at the nail salon.

The Wedding Preparations

Their wedding day, a manifestation of their dreams, was a celebration of love that left a lasting impact on everyone present. The air was filled with love and an undeniable sense of happiness. Each element had been carefully chosen, making their special day truly unique.

Photo by @reminiscence_photography

The location they chose for their wedding was none other than Chittagong, Bangladesh, where their roots lay. It was a tribute to their birthplace, a homage to their families, and a way to honor their heritage. The venue itself, with its picturesque outdoor spaces, provided the perfect backdrop for their garden wedding—a serene and enchanting environment that perfectly encapsulated their love.

Pranjal and Oshin’s Special Wedding Details

Photo by @reminiscence_photography

One standout aspect of their wedding was the decision to have a daytime ceremony—a departure from the customary nighttime weddings in their culture. Despite facing resistance and pushback, PJ and Oshin stood firm in their vision, ensuring that their wedding would be a reflection of their personalities. The daytime setting created a dreamlike atmosphere, complemented by a pastel dress code that added an ethereal touch to the event. The resulting photographs captured moments of sheer beauty and happiness, forever preserving their special day.

Photo by @reminiscence_photography

Reflecting on their favourite moments, PJ and Oshin shared heartfelt memories that embodied the essence of their union. PJ’s cherished memories encompassed the entirety of the wedding, from the vibrant colours to the joyous dancing and the unforgettable after-party. However, above all, his favourite moment was witnessing the radiant smile and sheer happiness as his best friend officially became his life partner. 

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The choice of Oshin’s burnt orange lehenga, designed by Seema Gujral, added a touch of vibrancy to their wedding. It stood out amongst the pastel hues of their loved ones, capturing attention and eliciting admiration. The colour, reminiscent of the traditional red worn by South Asian brides, was a bold yet elegant choice – a reflection of Oshin’s confidence and willingness to embrace her individuality. 

Photo by @reminiscence_photography

PJ and Oshin’s love story is a testament to the power of destiny and the unwavering commitment to follow one’s heart. As their love story continues to unfold, we can only anticipate the beautiful chapters yet to be written in their lives together. 

Photo by @reminiscence_photography

The Wedding Suppliers

Photography: @reminiscence_photography

Lead photographer: @ata.m.adnan

Shot along side: @ananda_m_haider

Arman Chowdhury: @arman__chowdhury

Maksud Miraaz: @maksud_miraaz

Makeup Artist: @maliha_ibrahim

Lehenga: @seemagujraldesign

Lehenga bought from: @karegar.official

Event art director: @bablu_nil

Event decor: Bonanza & Impetus Management Ltd 

Venue: Navy Convention Centre 


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