It’s every bride’s worst nightmare: the wedding photographer doesn’t show up, but for Michigan couple, Heather and Matt Koehler, this is exactly what happened.

Heather found out the morning of her Big Day that the photographer wasn’t coming, she was devastated. After months of planning every meticulous detail, none of it would be captured.

When photographer, Dana Gruszynski heard about the couple’s plight after the wedding day, she instantly sprung into action. Not only did Dana offer the couple a free photoshoot, but she set about recreating their entire wedding. From organising bouquets from a local florist, to partnering with a craft store for decorations and replicating the wedding cake with the help of her Sister-In-Law, not only did Dana think of every little detail, but she also hosted the 2nd wedding at her cousin’s home!

This is the type of photographer you’d want in a crisis situation.12345678

Originally published on Dana’s blog, click here for more.

All images courtesty of Dana G Photography.

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