This Bride’s $800 Kmart Wedding Is Spectacular

Bride Amber Murtagh was shocked when wedding decorators quoted her high numbers for use of their products on her special day, as it simply did not fit into her budget.

So, the 34-year-old from Brisbane took matters into her own hands, with a boho style in mind but still wanting to get married on a budget, she visited her local Kmart store for some inspiration. In the department store, she found many items that suited the theme she had been searching for.

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The hoop above the bridal table was made using a $15 hoola hoop with four $5 vines wrapped around it with some fake white flowers. The bride then used rope to tie the hoop above and hung some glass baubles to create a whimsical effect. The hoop design all came down to a shocking $50 total.

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Amber purchased $10 bar buckets, which came with bottle openers, $1.50 mason jars for the reception with hessian lace wrapped around them, $7 pink peonies for the centrepieces on each table and five $10 fairy lights for the arbor.

The couple - who met at a bar while Amber was studying her nursing degree - tied the knot at Branell Homestead in Queensland (pictured)
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The tables were decorated with $6 table runners and the plates were topped with $2 Kmart linen fabric napkins. Wine glasses were purchased for $10 per box of six. Additionally, Amber’s husband Tyrone works as a hotel manager and was able to get alcohol at warehouse prices.

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To entertain the children attending the wedding she wrapped Kmart grape vines around a swing and bought $19 tepees for them to play in.  Amber then placed two $8 cushions inside and two $5 wooden games.

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Image: Daily Mail

Amber also purchased $10 chalkboard signs and a pack of $2 sparklers were $2 that were used at the end of the reception.

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Amber’s Ferrari Bridal gown cost $1,495, her shoes cost $20 from Spendless Shoes, and catering was $35 a head. The entire wedding cost a startling $13,000, including two nights at Branell Homestead before the wedding for the whole bridal party.

We think it looked spectacular, particularly given her tight budget!

Following the wedding, the bride sold all her handmade decorations for $650 on Facebook’s marketplace.

Written by: Zoe Kanlis

Featured Image: Daily Mail

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