This Bride Quit Her Job To Plan Her Dream $80K Wedding

Where do you even start when it comes to planning your dream wedding day! There is so much to think about like your dress, the guest list, venue, cake, your bridal party and the list goes on! And with this huge list, a dream wedding comes to a heavy price.

But one bride has taken her planning to an extreme level, quitting her job to stay home and dedicate all her time to executing her dream wedding and demanding her fiancé to find a second job to help her out.

“HELP I NEED ADVICE,” In big capital letters the bride shared a Facebook post seeking for some help on how she can resolve this hurdle in the early stages of her wedding planning process.

The bride-to-be explained that the couple have been fighting a lot recently and that she has quit her job due to the wedding planning taking up so much of her time and that her fiancé is refusing to get a second job.

“He doesn’t understand that I don’t have time to get ready for work, drive to work, be somewhere all day, and drive home. I need to be HOME to plan this wedding”.

Image Via: Mama Mia

The bride admits that it has been difficult trying to search for a job that would allow her to work from home to make it a bit easier with the wedding planning, but she hasn’t had much luck. Due to her bad luck, she finds it so hard why her husband isn’t open to the idea of getting a second job.

“UH, HELLO, NO. This is MY WEDDING I have been dreaming of since I was little and I REFUSE to have anything but my dream wedding”.

The post on Facebook received more than 120 comments from members who mostly suggested the bride-to-be to get back into work ASAP in order to have her dream $80k wedding. And some of the responses have certainly given their strong opinions about the bride’s dilemma.

“I can’t believe you quit your job just to plan your wedding. You both should be working together. If you can’t afford a 80k wedding on his one income then stop acting like a spoiled brat, either downside your budget or get a job… it’s not that hard,” said one commenter.

Majority of commenters were shocked of the bride’s constant use of the word “my” instead of saying “our” or “we”. The wedding isn’t just about her, but also her husband’s. Duh?

Other commenters also mention how these are huge red flags and warning signs for the bride’s fiancé. He should run now while he has the chance!

“If you have the money and want to spend it on your big day, good for you. But demanding your partner to work two jobs to afford it (especially because she doesn’t want to work) is crazy!” replied one user.

“I think most girls dream of their perfect wedding day, but if I suggested spending that much and I quit my job while insisting my partner get a second job I’m pretty sure marriage wouldn’t be on the table anymore, and I wouldn’t blame him. This s**t is ridiculous. I’m assuming there is love there, but after these red flags I hope he at least postpones the wedding until she comes back to reality,” wrote another.

“This isn’t just a red flag. This is a strobe light with a few fog horns attached to it,” one user replied to the bride’s post and hit the nail on the head!

Surely if there are already problems like this before this couple tie the knot, what is marriage going to look like for them?

And although there is no word if the bride has managed to solve her dilemma, but we secretly hope there is a juicy solution to this crazy problem.

Written By: Alessandra Fasanella

Feature Image By: Mama Mia

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