These Dresses Are All Made of Chocolate

For the love of chocolate!

On one hand, getting chocolate on your outfit is pretty terrible. But on the other, having an entire couture outfit made of chocolate sounds like a dream come true.

At the annual Salon du Chocolat in Beirut, Lebanon, 26 designers and chefs gathered together to create 13 dresses made of different types of chocolate. Tasty, right?

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By Joseph Eid/AFP

The runway was part of the Beirut Cooking Festival, with designers and chefs partnering up to create chocolate masterpieces with a Winter Wonderland theme.

Amongst the team was special guest and fashion designer, Jean Louis Sabaji, master consultant chef Charles Azar, head chef at Evasion Chocolate Romy Zakhour, fashion designer Gaby Saliba, and more.

Explaining the process to The Daily Star, Jean Louis Sabaji said of his white dress with 20,000 handmade chocolate leaves, “It took around one month of hard work,” to ensure the combination of body heat and lights wouldn’t melt the dress.

“We added butter and sugar to make a hard base that’s more durable because chocolate alone would melt.”

Another designer, Rayia Lahoud, told The Daily Star that she used a metal petticoat to support the weight of her design as “the skirt weighed 8 kilograms.”

Overcoming these challenges, the show went on to be a huge success with over 15,000 attendees at the festival.

If anyone would like to make us a chocolate dress, we’re all ears (and spoons and mouths)!

Images via @tonyckaram

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