These are the Hottest Trends for Grooms in 2021

While it is to be expected that Wedding and Wedding dress trends often change, it is important to note that Groom trends are also constantly evolving.

From styles of suits, to different fabrics and colours, it is exciting to see the men become a little more bold and daring in their Wedding fashion sense, with 2021 set to show some seriously attractive trends!

  1. Colours are becoming increasingly popular

2021 Groom attire is now leaning in favour of more daring colours, steering away from classic black and grey. We expect to see more shades of blue, reds and oranges. Fresh colour palettes are on trend, and more couples will embrace brighter palettes into their Wedding. 

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2. Accessories are a must!

Accessories are not just for the Bride but for Grooms in 2021 too! Regardless of whether you’ve gone for the informal suit trend or a brightly coloured one, you can accessorise in your style to enhance that off-the-bat wow factor. Show your personality with wild ties and bow ties, while lapel pins can also be a great addition to your look. Cufflinks are another fun way to brighten up a classic suit in a neutral colour!

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3. Patterns and bold prints

Prints are back on the block with a bang for grooms in 2021.  Expect to see more Groom’s rocking geometric and classic floral patterns in 2021. For men opting to wear prints, the more authentic you are to your personality, and creative you go, the better.

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4. Different suit styles!

The key to choosing the right suit options for your Wedding day, is ensuring it suits your style and personality. From suit and tuxedo styles to alternative formal-wear options, we believe we will see Grooms switch up their suiting styles this year!

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Feature image via Siempre Weddings

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